kula maui: Backyard sauna in a Kula Maui home for sale - 01/25/19 01:51 AM
Do you like to sit in the sauna on a cold night? 
Well it's gets pretty cool in the upcountry town of Kula, so a hot sauna might be just what you need to take the chill out of your bones.  The house for sale at 63 Ka Drive, in the Kula Kai neighborhood, has a cute little wooden sauna hut in the back yard.  It's listed for $945,000 with Pacific Century Realty and it would make a great new home for someone moving to Maui.
Kula Kai is one of those older subdivisions that did everything right.  Underground utilities, large … (8 comments)

kula maui: Thankful for a new website and my own BLOG! - 11/19/18 05:30 PM
I have my own BLOG!
Our Realtors Association of Maui recently updated the IDX offering for many of us, which now comes with a free Wordpress website.  It comes preloaded and easy to use, so after about a week or two I got a good handle on it and now it's almost a month into the new website and it's going full speed ahead.  My old site was very tired and out dated, as it was a DIY job from about 20 years ago. : (     Things have changed and for the better.
I'm so excited to finally have my … (9 comments)

kula maui: Speechless Sunday - enormous Agave Americana - 04/30/17 03:49 PM
Speechless Sunday - enormous Agave Americana
Don't you just love the look of these plants?  This one was growing up in the higher elevations of Maui, in Kula, where it's usually dry and sunny.
You can find a home for sale in Kula and grow beautiful plants like this. another blog post about agave growing on Maui Thanks for reading my Maui blog...
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kula maui: What's been selling in Kula Maui HI this year 2017? - 04/30/17 01:09 PM
What sold in Kula Maui HI this year 2017?  Plenty of homes and land!
Residential sales Jan through April 2017:
26 residential listings sold - priced from $585,000 to $2,400,000 average sale price was $973,076, median sale price was $892,500 total dollar volume was $25,300,000 Days on Market ranged from 0 to 520 20 were single family homes, 5 were house and detached cottage, 1 had an ohana lot size varied from 1/3 acre up to 5 acres 4 were CPR/residential condo properties with deeded land living space was between 696 sf and 3,693 sf compared to this time last year all … (2 comments)

kula maui: Handicapped or not, let's go paragliding in a wheelchair! - 02/27/17 07:46 PM
Extreme sports video alert!
We were lucky to pull up to this scenic viewpoint just on the edge of Polipoli State Park in Kula Maui one day, as the paragliders were getting ready to launch.  They get in position and pop their kites up so fast you can blink and miss it.  Luckily I was ready with my iPhone camera for this guy as he got ready.  With some help from his buddy he got positioned, and off he went into the clouds!  You won't catch me doing that!
Paragliding by Polipoli State Park on Maui from Georgie Hunter on Vimeo.
Wow - … (18 comments)

kula maui: Kula Maui HI 96790 - residential sales 2016 year end update - 01/26/17 08:41 PM
Kula Maui HI 96790 - residential sales 2016 year end update  
Wrapping it up for 2016, here's a quick look at the residential sales in Kula Maui last year, based on our MLS stats. What sold in 2016?  Plenty of Kula homes - homes with cottages, homes with acreage, beautiful estates and simple old fixer-uppers too. 
In a nutshell, the simple take away... nunber of sales are down, but pricing is pretty stable for Kula homes compared to 2015.
Total sales:
64 closings priced from $340,000 to $6,550,000 Average sale price was $1,133,309 and median sale price was $848,750 Days on Market (DOM) … (10 comments)

kula maui: Kula Maui HI 96790 - new listings in January 2017 - 01/16/17 06:27 PM
Kula Maui HI 96790 - new listings in January 2017 
Once again let me tell you about some of the great new residential listings in the Upcountry area of Kula Maui.  In January we got to preview 8 homes priced between $750,000 and $2,995,000.  Here's the list and a link to the Hawaii Life Property Gallery made for your convenience.
15 Mano Drive - $899,000. - lots of living space for the whole family in Kula Kai 500 Aulii Drive - $1,180,000. - Kula 200 neighborhood, residential condo large home 3051 Omaopio Road - $2,995,000. - a real trophy home … (7 comments)

kula maui: Kula Maui HI 96790 - year end market report 2016 - 12/30/16 02:28 PM
Kula Maui HI 96790 - year end market report 2016
It's time to wrap it up for another year.  What real estate sold in Kula Maui in 2016?  What's for sale in the Kula Maui real estate market - search the MLS here
Kula Maui residential sales:
64 SOLD listings ranging from $340,000 to $6,550,000 and 44 of them were under $1M Average sold price was $1,133,309 and median sold price was $848,750 Lot size varies from 6,817 square feet to 25.47 acres with 36 parcels being less than 1 acre, 13 lots came with 1-3 acres, 10 with 3-10 acres, and 5 … (6 comments)

kula maui: Holiday tree lighting at MauiWine in Ulupalakua - 12/07/16 05:38 PM
Wondering what to do this weekend on Maui to get in the Christmas spirit? 
December 10th is the date for the 3rd annual holiday tree lighting ceremony at MauiWine in Ulupalakua.  Formerly known as Tedeschi Winery, this tourist attraction is located at 14815 Piilani Highway on Ulupalakua Ranch.  Call them at (808) 878-6058 for more details.
Bring the whole family to this cooler Upcountry location for a fun time.  It's a free event, but please bring some canned or packaged food to donate to the Maui Food Bank.  Hot drinks and holiday food will be for sale at the Ulupalakua Ranch Store … (14 comments)

kula maui: No costume needed - Happy Halloween from Kula Maui - 10/31/16 12:51 PM
This guy has a great costume all year long, and sometimes it's really hard to see him.  These Jackson Chameleons have become established on Maui and they prefer the upcountry region where it's a little cooler, but not too wet.

Maybe you'd also prefer a home in Kula Maui, where it's cooler and not too wet. 
Search for homes for sale in Kula Maui here.
HAPPY HALLOWEEN - stay safe out there!
Thanks for reading my Maui blog...
Buying or selling real estate on Maui?  That's what I do.  Let me help YOU.
Georgie Hunter R(S) e-Pro, Hawai'i Life Real Estate Brokers
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kula maui: It's pumpkin time at the Kula Country Farms, Kula Maui - 10/16/16 07:10 PM
October means pumpkin time at Kula Country Farms, in Kula Maui.  Stop in for the free tour of their pumpkin patch and pick out your own big ones and small ones for carving and decorating.  You can grab a snack and refreshments here because you'll probably stay a while.  It's very inviting and there's lots of parking.
Good harvest.  Look at the variety of big orange pumpkins and gourds for sale!  It's been a good harvest this year and the ground is covered with these fruits of the fall season.  White ones, green ones, striped and spotted ones too!
Kids love to see … (3 comments)

kula maui: Maui Bus service extends to Keokea and Kula Hospital - 09/24/16 12:36 PM
The County of Maui Bus Service will soon extend the Kula Villager Route #39 to go a little further, and will include the Hawaiian Homelands in Keokea and the Kula Hospital.  Starting September 27, 2016 the expanded trip will now operate on a 1.5 hour cycle instead of the previous 1 hour cycle. Service runs from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Grandma's Coffee House, Keokea Maui HI
To see the Maui bus route maps check out their website.  You can also track the bus in real time to see when it will arrive.  Fares are $2 for a one way ride.  The Maui … (4 comments)

kula maui: Kula Bistro serves up authentic homestyle cooking in Kula Maui - 08/28/16 06:02 AM
Kula Bistro  on Lower Kula Road, serves up delicious authentic homestyle cooking in Kula, at reasonable prices.  Sandwiches and salads, pastas and pizzas, all done in a creative way with the oversight of head Chef Luciano Zanon.  Come and enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner in a lovely upcountry setting.

This restaurant has changed hands a few times over the years, and this time it's a keeper. The location is really great for people who live in Kula since there's not many places to have a decent sit-down meal.  You'll find them right across from Morihara Store, and there's plenty of off-street parking.


kula maui: Happy Anniversary Haleakala National Park - Maui Hawaii - 08/26/16 09:17 AM
With all the hoopla about the national park service marking its 100 year anniversary, it's only appropriate to post some pictures of our best known Haleakala National Park here on Maui.
It's a highlight of anyone's visit to the island, and I would encourage you all to take a drive up there since it's so easy to do. Where else on this earth can you get in your car at sea level and drive up to a 10,000 summit in about 45 minutes?  On a beautiful paved road all the way no less!

If you only have a short time, you can see … (4 comments)

kula maui: Kula Maui HI real estate sales - summer 2016 market update - 06/26/16 12:10 PM
Kula Maui Hawaii 96790 - what's for sale right now?
Here's a quick look at the current real estate market in the upcountry region of Kula.
Residential listings in Kula Maui:
64 total Active and Pending listings priced from $515,000 to $4,900,000 47 Active listings includes 3 that are canceling escrow 17 Pending listings priced from $525,000 to $2,600,000 and 3 are short sales none are bank owned REO properties Days on Market (DOM) ranges from 14 to 503, average of 161, median of 122 land size ranges from 6,800 sf to 25.47 acres 38 are single homes, 25 have a detached cottage, … (1 comments)

kula maui: Purple is the color of spring in Kula Maui Hawaii - 05/08/16 07:55 AM
It's Purple Rain upcountry in Kula right now!
With all the winter rains and the springtime weather, Kula Maui is blessed with a colorful display of purple Jacaranda blossoms. Each year these beautiful trees adorn the Kula highway and neighborhoods, and drop their petals making a lovely purple carpet underneath.
Jacaranda trees are abundant in the Kulamanu and Jacaranda Grove subdivisions, off Lower Kimo Drive.  Homes in here sell for around $850,000 and upwards.  The views are fantastic!
Agapanthus, or Nile Lilies, also show thier colors in the spring, bursting with purple and white tufted stalks.
People often say "how do you tell the … (6 comments)

kula maui: Get your fix at the Farmacy Health Bar in Pukalani Maui - 04/30/16 07:52 AM
The Farmacy Health Bar
Get a great healthy lunch or cold drink at the Farmacy Health Bar in Pukalani Maui. This hip new restaurant at the Pukalani Terrace Center will serve you up some organic and locally sourced healthy food.  Pukalani Terrace has a good variety of places to eat and they'll let you sit outside on the sidewalk, which can be pleasant.  Not long ago Fat Burger was in this spot, but I guess they didn't last long.

The Farmacy menu offers sandwiches and salads, hot bowls and soups, fruit juices and smoothies, and acai bowls filled with fruit.  "Let food be thy … (3 comments)

kula maui: Upcountry Maui Hawaii - market reports Spring 2015 - 06/27/15 06:51 AM
Upcountry Maui Hawaii - market reports Spring  2015
I've put together some market reports on my Hawaii Life blog, and here's a synopsis of some recent ones showing what's happening in the Upcountry real estate market so far this year... Kula, Pukalani, Makawao, Haiku.
Makawao/Pukalani Spring market report Makawao/Pukalani Caravan report - June 2015 Maui Uplands/Upland Estates - spring/summer 2015 Kula market report - June 2015 Haiku Maui residential report - spring 2015 It's a good time to be buying or selling in Upcountry Maui!
Search for homes for sale in Kula Maui ~ Search homes for sale in Pukalani Maui
Find a home … (5 comments)

kula maui: Kula Maui HI 96790 - April 2015 market update - 04/23/15 11:38 AM
Kula Maui HI 96790 - April 2015 market update
What's been selling up in Kula Maui this year to date? In March, upcountry sales were the biggest chunk of the Maui real estate market (excluding condos) as far as dollar volume goes.
Kula Vacant land sales since January 1, 2015: 27 Puuala St. sold for $26,000 on 1/1/15. Hawaiian Homelands Leasehold .78 acre w/ county water. 122 Kulamanu Circle sold for $310,000 on 4/2/15. A 1/4 acre corner lot in Kulamanu subdivision. 980 Kamehameiki Rd. sold for $605,000 on 4/17/15. 4 pristine acres with water meter and views. 215B Pulehunui Rd. sold for $630,000 … (6 comments)

kula maui: Kula Maui landscape - like a Curtis Wilson Cost painting - 04/14/15 12:21 PM
Kula Maui landscape - like a Curtis Wilson Cost painting
Kula Maui is very picturesque, with rolling pastures, ocean views and rustic old farm buildings. One of the famous painters here on the island is Curtis Wilson Cost. You can see his beautiful art work in many galleries and other locations. What is striking about his paintings is that they look so real and within reach. I love the classic scenes of times gone by.

This photo was taken up in Kula Maui, while touring the homes for sale on Realtor Caravan. The rusty shed, the blue skies and green pastures, puffy white … (10 comments)

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