mauihunter: November 2019 blogroll about Maui and Maui real estate - 12/02/19 12:36 PM
November 2019 blogroll about Maui and Maui real estate
This is a collection of blog posts from different sources, all written by me and compiled in one place for your convenience.
November 1, 2019 - October 2019 blogroll about Maui and Maui real estate November 1, 2019 - Videos and pics at the Maui Aloha Classic, October 2019
November 3, 2019 - Video at the Maui Aloha Classic - windsurfing contest Oct 2019
November 3, 2019 - The Island/The Bluffs, Kahului Maui - market report
November 6, 2019 - Grateful to be mortgage free after so many years on Maui!
November … (4 comments)

mauihunter: Maui pool homes for sale - how can I find one? - 08/29/19 11:29 PM
Maui pool homes for sale - how can I find one?
I used to have a link on my old website, that would pull up Maui homes for sale with swimming pools.  I don't think it really got much traffic, but how can you tell?  (Google Analytics - that's how)
Well my new website ( is a little different and it's getting good results and lots of traffic.  I'm still building new pages, and I plan to have one featuring pool homes.
In the meantime, if you're looking for a nice home on Maui with a swimming pool, just send me a message … (6 comments)

mauihunter: Teacher Teacher, can I be excused? - how the MauiHunter skipped class today. - 05/21/10 12:38 PM

Teacher Teacher, can I be excused? - how the MauiHunter skipped class today.
Today our Jim Sanders Realty office had a couple of mandatory classes about using social media to network and enhance our business.  Topics to be covered included: having a presence on Facebook; maximizing Twitter; uploading video to YouTube; blogging for business; and getting connected on LinkedIn.  I managed to be excused from the classes after explaining to my principal broker that I'm already doing all of the above, and I showed him my YouTube channel.  In fact, he knows that I have already enjoyed some Real Estate success from … (14 comments)

mauihunter: Speechless Sunday - Big Island travels - Hawaii Resorts - 06/07/09 03:22 PM

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mauihunter: Have you Googled yourself lately? Do you like what you find? - 05/08/09 11:30 AM
What is Google saying about you?
After reading Steve Kappre's post about Googling yourself, I decided to give it a whirl.  Today when I Googled myself I got some interesting results: - my own site was ranked first (Phew!) - my own profile page - (down for maintenance) ActiveRain profile for Georgina M. Hunter profile - funny, I just joined that less than 2 months ago profile - one of them anyway - I think have 2 profiles and it's a big mess, don't get me started on that - another of my own sites - … (18 comments)

mauihunter: Wordless Wednesday - My sweet doggie says buy a home on Maui - lol - 04/28/09 07:20 PM

Aloha from the north shore of Maui.  If you want my mom to help you find a home on Maui, I'll be your friend and jump on you and lick your face.  Call her up and talk to her... she's the HUNTER  808 283-0635
Oh yeah, you can also follow her on Twitter, you know that goofy website where people tweet stuff!  She's known as @mauihunter there.  Oh what the heck, you can always look for some homes online first...Search the Maui MLS    

mauihunter: Stop and Check your Twitpics - don't get stuck - 02/08/09 07:35 PM

Check Your Twitpic uploads - it could be someone else's picture
Have you ever loaded a picture to and added a comment to go with it? 
Have you ever checked the picture and it was not your picture?  There was an imposter picture?
That happened to me twice in one day.  It stopped me in my tracks!  Where was my truck pic?  Who posted that cement truck driving on the freeway?  Did the person who posted the cement truck get my picture, or somebody else's?
To delete an unwanted picture just go to your Twitpic home page where the … (37 comments)

mauihunter: How much time do YOU spend on Twitter? - 12/16/08 11:43 AM

I recently joined because I was curious.  I held back as long as I could because I knew it would probably be a real time grabber. 
I like it and it can be fun if you have time to get into it, and join in some conversations.  There are some smart peeps on Twitter, but you never know until you spend some time reading their tweets and following their links.  140 characters is a real contraint to being brilliant, so you often have to delve a little deeper by clicking a link.
I like to check … (37 comments)

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