relocation package: Maui Census Data - Quickfacts from the US Census Bureau - 08/27/09 03:27 PM

Maui Census Data - Quickfacts from the US Census Bureau
This week I got another call from the Census lady who's been talking with me about our household.  It made me think that there's a lot of good information out there for anyone thinking about moving to Maui. 
So without further ado... please check out their website and see if you find what you're looking for.         You'll notice that we're a really diverse bunch of people over here.  So what are you waiting for?  Get on a plane and get over here NOW.

Are you planning a move to … (1 comments)

relocation package: So glad I live on Maui, and not the Big Island - it's VOGGY over there! - 06/09/09 12:16 PM

I am so glad I live on Maui, and not the Big Island...
Last month we visited the Big Island of Hawaii for a week.  We have a nice time-share unit that we've enjoyed for many many years.  This time we hit a bad week as far as weather goes.  Usually Kona is beautiful and sunny and hot.  Unfortunately the week we were there the normal tradewinds weren't blowing, which causes the VOG (volcanic smog) to build up.  A long stretch of voggy weather was upon us, and you could really see it in the air.  Hey, they can even … (5 comments)

relocation package: April 1 1980 - Maui here I come, no fooling around - 04/01/09 06:23 PM
April 1 1980 - Moving to Maui
Today is the 29th anniversary of our move to Maui.  It seems like a long time ago, yet only a few years.  What a long fun trip it's been.
Back then we were so young and foolish, and impulsive.  We just left everything behind back in Vancouver, Canada and took the plunge.  I think we had about $9,000. in cash and a whole lot of good intentions to get us started.  Maybe we were fooling ourselves?
We rented a cottage upcountry off Kauhikoa Road, a cute little place.  Paid the first and last month's … (12 comments)

relocation package: Paia MAUI Hawaii, as seen from the air - 07/22/08 12:36 PM
PAIA MAUI HAWAII - 96779       See the North Shore Maui Map
Here we go again on another inter-island trip, this time we're flying from Maui to the Big Island. This picture was taken from the window of our Aloha Airlines flight on a typical sunny day. Not bad considering it's taken through the plexiglass.  The expanses of green are sugar cane fields which cover a good portion of the slopes of Haleakala, Maui's famous dormant volcano. Maui and Kauai are the last of the Hawaiian islands to still grow sugar cane, and Paia was historically a sugar plantation town.
You … (9 comments)

relocation package: Upcountry Realtor Caravan on Maui, Hawaii - Makawao/Pukalani/Olinda - 03/21/08 09:26 PM

Maui Upcountry Realtor Caravan
Here on Maui we have Realtor Caravans every week.  On Thursdays we cover the north shore and upcountry areas.  I blogged about the Haiku Caravan previously, which happens on the 2nd Thursday each month. 
Fidelity National Title & Escrow of Hawaii graciously provide this valuable service for us, and coordinate the event.  We meet at Casanova's Restaurant in Makawao at 8:30 in the morning.  They give us a hand-out with the list of new upcountry properties to see, with a map on the back to help find our way to all of these new listings.
Yesterday on Makawao/Pukalani Caravan there … (5 comments)

relocation package: Maui County Hawaii - Real Estate Sales - Year to Date Statistics - Here you go! - 03/16/08 03:52 PM
Maui County Hawaii - Real Estate Sales - Year to Date Statistics
Our Realtors Association of Maui compiles some great statistics for SOLD listings.  Here are some helpful links:
Year to Date Single Family ResidentialYear to Date Condo SalesYear to Date Vacant Land SalesYou can see that the Central area (Wailuku and Kahului) has the most number of single family home sales usually, with many newly built subdivisions still closing on the homes that buyers signed up for years ago.  Pictured above are some homes in a newer section of Wailuku.  Median sold price was $531,621.
South (Kihei and Wailea) has the highest number of condos sales.  Right now the … (13 comments)

relocation package: Mana Foods in Paia Maui HI - a health food store that rocks! - 03/08/08 12:01 PM

I have been meaning to blog about this place for a long time now, and keep forgetting, so here it is...
49 Baldwin Ave, Paia HI 96779   808 579-8078
Open daily from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm
Primarily a Health Food store, with local produce, fresh baked breads and pastries, salad bar, hot foods to go, deli and more.
The salad bar rocks!  You can create your own salad to go and throw in some fresh spring rolls, or vegetarian maki sushi (with the seaweed wrap).  They make pizza and soups every day, and other hot treats like macaroni and cheese, … (20 comments)

relocation package: Maui Relocation Package - Kahului HI 96732 - 03/03/08 12:13 PM
So you want to move to Kahului Maui, and you've decided you  need some help.  Let me be of assistance.... I hope these links will be just what you're looking for.  When you're ready to make the move, let a local expert be your guide.  Of course there is so much more to know before you come here to Maui, so doing your own research is essential.
Kahului was once known as "Dream City" when it was first established as an alternative to the plantation camps of old.  That era (the '50s and '60s) brought … (15 comments)

relocation package: Maui Relocation Package - Health Care Options - 03/03/08 12:05 PM

Maui Memorial Medical Center
221 Mahalani Street, Wailuku HI(808) 244-9056
This is our one full service hospital, with emergency room, intensive care unit, maternity, pharmacy, etc.
Located in Wailuku, at the edge of Kahului... next to the Police Station.  Newly expanded with 140 bed capacity.  Run by the County of Maui.  See their own website for more info.
Kaiser Permanente
55 Maui Lani Parkway, Wailuku HI (808) 243-6050
- clinic locations in Wailuku, Kihei, and Lahaina
- Wailuku has 2 locations - the old one and the new one, about a block apart.
Maui Medical Group
2180 Main St. Wailuku HI (808) 249-8080
- clinic … (2 comments)

relocation package: Moving to Maui Hawaii - Paia Relocation Package - 96779 - 03/03/08 08:26 AM

Relocation Package for Paia Maui HI 
So you're ready to move to Paia Maui HI- Here are some good things to think about when getting started. Of course there is so much more to know before you come here to Maui, so doing your own research is essential.  Paia is a historic sugar plantation town on the north shore.  Beautiful beaches (that's Baldwin Beach Park pictured here) and a year round warm climate make this part of Maui very attractive for almost anyone.  Paia is a very "groovy and organic" kind of town, with residents from across the globe.  Spreckelsville and Kuau are a couple of … (2 comments)

relocation package: Kihei and Wailea Relocation Package - New Home on Maui - 96753 - 03/01/08 12:47 PM

So you want to move to South Maui, and you've decided you  need some help.  Let me be of assistance.... I hope these links will be just what you're looking for.  When you're ready to buy a first home or second home, let a local expert be your guide.
These are some of the things to think about when getting started.  Of course there is so much more to know before you come here to Maui, so doing your own research is essential.

When buying on … (3 comments)

relocation package: Weather Report from Maui HAWAII - Mostly Perfect with a Slight Chance of Imperfection - 02/28/08 01:27 PM

Maui Weather Report - Still Sunny
I had to laugh at my nephew yesterday when he gave the Maui weather report as - "mostly perfect with a slight chance of imperfection."  He's out here visiting for his gazillionth time, and was commenting to our other visitors who are here for their first time.  And you know, the funny thing is, he's right!
The weather on Maui can be boring at times.... mostly sunny with a chance of scattered showers in the mauka areas.  North-east tradewinds in the 10-15 mile per hour range, highs in the low to mid 80's .... day after day after day!  … (14 comments)

relocation package: Looking for a Maui Realtor? Call The Hunter - Georgie Hunter R(S) - 02/28/08 01:05 PM
Looking for a Maui Realtor? 
Let's face it, Maui sells itself, you don't need me to sell Maui to you.  But if you're ready to buy, then what?
Are you thinking of buying a property on Maui?  A condo, a home, maybe even an oceanfront house with ohana?  Are you a little confused with all the options?  Have you owned a home before, or lived on Maui before?  Are you familiar with the home buying process in Hawaii?
Do you have questions like:
What's up with all the different parts of the island?  What's the weather like when I'm coming?  Where can I get … (8 comments)

relocation package: You won't find that here - what we DON'T have in Maui, Hawaii. - 02/28/08 11:31 AM
Just in case you're wondering about Maui life, but you've never been to Hawaii, here's some local info.  Let me tell you some of the things we DON'T have over here on the island of Maui:
NO Billboards - Maui County has an ordinance prohibiting billboards and large signs.
NO Snakes- We actually have 1 species of underground blind snake, but that doesn't count.  No poisonous snakes, no skunks, no raccoons, no foxes, no coyotes, no wolves, no bears, no cougars, no seagulls.  We do have mongoose, deer, wild and feral pigs.  You can go hiking in the jungle … (15 comments)

relocation package: Pi'ilani Village Shopping Center - Kihei Maui HI 96732 - 02/27/08 11:33 AM

Pi'ilani Village Shopping Center - 225 Pi'ikea Ave. Kihei HI 96732
Management Office - (808) 877-7073
It's easy to find when you're driving into Kihei from the north, on Pi'ilani Highway (31) just take the Pi'ikea Exit and there it is on your right.
This is probably the largest shopping mall in Kihei, with over 28 shops and services, including anchor shops Safeway and Blockbuster Video.  There's a Medical Clinic, a couple of banks, a dry cleaner, Supercuts, Waldenbooks, and a gas station too, among other things.  Thinking about golfing in Wailea... there's a Nevada Bob's Golf store.
For your Real … (7 comments)

relocation package: Medical Clinics on Maui Hawaii - Kihei and Wailea 96753 - 02/26/08 07:54 PM
Need some medical attention when you're in the South Maui resorts?  There is no hospital in the Kihei/Wailea area, but you have some other options:
Kihei Wailea Medical Center - help with any medical problem... family medicine, internal medicine and pediatrics.
Pi'ilani Village Shopping Center, 221 Pi'ikea Ave. Suite A, Kihei HI 96753  (808) 874-8100 Mon - Fri 8 am - 8 pm Weekends 8 am - 5 pm Holidays 8 am - 1 pm Urgent Care Maui - Family Practice - multi-specialty clinic with a long history of serving Maui's residents and visitors.  X-ray and lab services.  Able … (2 comments)

relocation package: Arriving on Maui - Kahului Airport OGG - Kahului HI 96732 - 02/26/08 09:35 AM
What can travelers expect when they arrive on Maui?  Here's a brief description of the Maui airport located in the town of Kahului.
Kahului Airport is relatively small, and it's located right on the northeast side of town, by the ocean.  It was once a single building with a tree growing up in the middle of the baggage claim area.  That tree has been cut down, and the airport greatly expanded, but it still retains a friendly character, with a huge central skylight next to the 5 baggage carousels.  All the gates funnel into the baggage area.
Our latest addition to … (10 comments)

relocation package: Maui Hawaii Golf Courses - the South Shore - Kihei, Wailea and Makena - 02/18/08 12:01 PM

With over 15 courses in incredibly beautiful settings, Maui is a world-class golf destination..  Each year Maui hosts a number of tournaments, including:
the Hawaii Open the Senior Skins - October the Ladies Skins - January the Mercedes Championship - January Here's a list of courses in the South side resort area  - Kihei, Wailea and Makena.
ELLEAIR  1345 Piilani Hwy,  Kihei, Maui, Hawaii 96753  (808) 874-0777
Formerly Silversword Golf Course, it's located in the heart of Kihei close to the Maui High-Tech Park.  If you own a condo in the Hokulani Golf Villas, you will be … (8 comments)

relocation package: Kihei Beach Parks - Kihei Maui HI 96753 - 02/17/08 11:45 AM
Along the 6 mile stretch of South Kihei Road, on Maui's sunny south shore, there are a number of small and large beach parks.  Here's what you can expect to find as you drive from the north end to the south end:
Ma Poina Oe Lau Beach Park - also known as Kihei Pavilion, or Ohukai, it's located at the foot of Ohukai Street.  This beach is popular with windsurfers when the wind is blowing "kona".  It's a narrow strip of sand, with some shady kiawe trees and a concrete pavilion.
Hawaii Islands Humpback … (11 comments)

relocation package: South Kihei Road - Kihei Maui HI - 96753 - 02/16/08 11:11 AM
SOUTH KIHEI ROAD - Kihei                     KIHEI GOOGLE MAP
Maui's friendly resort town on the south shore.

On Maui's south shore you'll find the resort areas of Kihei, Wailea and Makena, all rolled into one zipcode.... 96753.
Back in the early 1970's there was not much in Kihei but a few beach homes, a small shopping center (Azeka's - You might remember the famous Azeka Ribs!) with a post office and some fruit orchards.  All that changed when the planners decided to allow 6-story condo buildings for Kihei, and a major building boom ensued.
South Kihei Road was the only road then, a … (11 comments)

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