the hunter: April 2017 Activerain blogroll about Maui and Maui real estate - 05/02/17 03:11 PM
 April 2017 Activerain blogroll about Maui and Maui real estate
April 2, 2017 - March 2017 Activerain blogroll about Maui and Maui real estate April 10, 2017 - Short movie at Pohaku Beach Park on Maui, aka S-turns April 20, 2017 - Aloe trees growing in Kula Maui Hawaii
April 20, 2017 - Hawaiian Sea Spirits distillery in Kula Maui April 24, 2017 - It's a wrap - finished filming another TV episode for Hawaii Life
April 26, 2017 - Maui Hawaii - residential oceanfront market update April 2017
April 26, 2017 - Maui County 2017 first quarter real estate … (2 comments)

the hunter: Haiku Real Estate Maui: Area Guide of Maui's Premier Windsurfing Spot - 08/29/08 05:08 PM
Check out these great links for Haiku dining...  Aloha from The Hunter

Haiku is a green and lush widespread community were the warm North shore tradewinds first come across our island paradise. Much of the area has been settled by artists, surfer dudes, New Age-flavored folks and those looking for a simpler way of life.
You'll find developments of housing subdivisions along the coastline on up the slopes of Haleakala to Makawao with old plantation style homes to brand new construction as well as plenty of friendly neighbors.
Haiku is the location of the world famous surfing, windsurfing & kiteboarding … (1 comments)

the hunter: Making Videos to sell your listings - Peahi Maui home with ocean view - 08/10/08 02:45 PM
Are you using all the tools you can to spread the word about your listings?  I'm pretty new to the video thing and keep experimenting.  I can't believe how much time you can spend just to produce a 1 or 2 minute movie... assembling the right photos and video clips, getting a soundtrack that works, adding titles.
I'm a big YouTube fan like everyone else, and didn't realize I could make my own page and profile there too.  So I'm building a little collection of videos.  Each one is getting better. 
This latest one features a Mau home for sale on … (7 comments)

the hunter: Fresh Maui Gazpacho - broke da mouth! - 08/03/08 12:01 PM

Fresh Maui Gazpacho
I am just digging the hell out of fresh garden gazpacho this summer.  It's the best thing for lunch on a hot summer day - chilled vegetable soup.  My mom turned me onto it as a kid and I got a chance to try some in Spain when visiting there a few years back.  My husband is a big fan too, so no hu-hu.
Here's my version of this classic cold soup.  Recipes usually call for beef stock or consomme for the liquid, and I have used that in the past for a very good flavor.  Something … (6 comments)

the hunter: Ah Fook's - just a nice picture, that's all - 07/05/08 08:12 AM
I like to take my camera everywhere, and when I'm on an errand trip with my husband I get out and take pictures while he's picking up parts or whatnot.  I snapped this quick shot in the window of the Ah Fook's Supermarket in Kahului Maui, and without realizing it, got a nice picture of the tree reflected in the window, which is also part of their logo.  It looks pretty cool don't you think? 

Ah Fook's is one of the older grocery stores on Maui, and they have reopened in a smaller store since the fire at the Kahului … (9 comments)

the hunter: Maui Market Update - Paia/Haiku Real Estate Newsletter - June 2008 - 06/24/08 09:51 AM
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Paia/Haiku Real Estate Newsletter     -       June 2008
The month of June offers a really diverse bunch of properties for Upcountry Realtor Caravan... lots of new homes in Paia and Spreckelsville for a change.  If anything on this list sounds like just the property you're looking for, then be sure to contact me for more info.
1.    Completely Updated, Paia  $579,000.00- incredible views from this 4BD/2BA home with 2 story addition- perfect … (0 comments)

the hunter: Kula Maui Hawaii Real Estate Newsletter - June 2008 - 06/17/08 08:40 PM
(Maui Realtors get together for the upcountry Caravan on Thursdays.  These are the new homes for sale in the Kula Maui region, as featured on the June Caravan hosted by Fidelity Title)
Kula Real Estate Newsletter     -         June 2008June in Kula - what better time to enjoy the beautiful jacaranda blossoms.  I'm always amazed at how beautiful they are with the sun lighting them against the gray sky.  As usual, I was too busy driving to all these great new listings, so no chance to get any pictures.------------------------------------------------------------1.    Well Priced, Kula,   $795,000.00- nicely remodeled 3BD/2.5BA single story home, with bamboo and … (2 comments)

the hunter: Driving Through Paia Maui - a short video - 06/15/08 07:12 AM
Well if video is the next big thing, I need to get with the program and start making some videos of my beautiful island... Maui.
Here's a crude example of what a Realtor can do with just enough tools to be dangerous.  It's less than 2 minutes. I used Windows Movie Maker, which was pretty easy to use, and good enough for now.  I will be improving my skills and bringing some better videos in days to come.
Let's have a big hand for ... the Aquavelvets, for providing the spacey surf music. 
Aloha from Paia … (14 comments)

the hunter: Maui garden update - enjoying the vegetables of our labors - 05/27/08 03:36 PM
Maui organic gardening...
We are so glad we started a couple of gardens this year, as the weather has been great - lots of sunshine.  We could stand a little more rain, but at least there's the hose.
We went away to the mainland for a week, and when we came back the transformation was amazing.  Even this past week has shown some incredible growth.  The key is to use lots of good organic fertilizers.  The bugs don't stand a chance when the plants grow so vigorously. 
I just had to brag about my great Haiku garden!  This picture only shows … (9 comments)

the hunter: Do you still get excited when you get a new listing? I do. - 05/21/08 09:44 PM

Do you still get excited when you get a new listing?  Do you want to tell everyone you know?  Do you bring it up in every conversation? 
What do you do first?  Do you email all of your contacts and SOI, your fellow agents?  How fast can you get it into the MLS?
What about pictures? Do you order the virtual tour and get pictures at different times of day?  Do you input the maximum amount of flattering pictures?  Do you print up brochures and flyers?  Will you do a mail out?
Are … (27 comments)

the hunter: Got my MAUI garden growing - what's in your garden? - 05/07/08 10:35 AM

Haiku Maui Hawaii - it's a great place to grow things.
We are blessed with an almost perfect climate here in Haiku - and this spring has been one of those years when we get early morning showers to keep everything green and fresh.  It was good timing for a veggie garden, so hubby got the tractor out and made me a nice spot right close to the house this time.
Let's see, what do I have growing now.... lettuce, mesclun, cilantro, basil, dill, Vietnamese coriander, lemongrass, marigolds, cosmos, pole beans, brocolli, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, habanero peppers, more kinds of … (19 comments)

the hunter: Grilled Mahimahi on Caesar Salad - how about that? - 04/26/08 10:14 PM
I like to take pictures of food.... how does this look?  It was the grilled mahimahi on a huge Caesar salad, at the Paia Fish Market Restaurant.  It's only $13.99 ... how can you beat that?
I already wrote about this restaurant not long ago.... check it out for more info.  Paia is a small town on the north shore of Maui.  We get a lot of tourists here, and we have a lot to offer them.  If this doesn't make you hungry then I don't know what to say.  Cheers.
Other DINING … (15 comments)

the hunter: Maui County Tax Assessments are out - How to Appeal - 03/22/08 04:25 PM

ASSESSMENTS Maui County property tax assessments have been mailed out recently.  If you own property on Maui you've probably already seen yours.  Were you shocked?  I know a lot of people who were surprised at the new higher amounts.  If you think you have been overassessed, here's what you can do...
APPEALS If you do not agree with the assessed value or tax classification on your assessment notice, you may file an appeal with the Real Property Tax Division Board of Review or the Tax Appeal Court. There is a $15.00 fee to appeal to the Board of Review. The cost for filing … (5 comments)

the hunter: Hokulani Golf Villas - New Development in Kihei Maui Hawaii - 01/27/08 08:52 PM
Hokulani Golf Villas 

152 luxury homes on 40 acres surrounded by the Elleair Golf Course mauka of the Piilani Highway in Kihei Maui Hawaii breathtaking ocean and mountain and fairway views. Signature Homes of Hawaii are constructing  this brand new residential condo development in sunny Kihei Maui.  Phase One is selling, and the first homes will soon be ready for occupancy.   This model home is having an Open House every day, so I stopped in....
What a nice surprise!  This upgraded model was a stunner.  I could live here at Hokulani Golf Villas, and watch the golfers chasing balls down the fairway.  The views are incredible.  The … (9 comments)

the hunter: Blogging for Maui Realtors - 01/10/08 07:54 PM

At our Realtors Association of Maui we have a monthly Hot Topics meeting where we schedule various speakers to talk about something of interest to the Maui Realtors.  Some of the past topics have been:
off grid issues - water catchment and photo voltaic systemsoffice organizationthe language of Real Estatemortgage meltdown - what's happening in the lending marketnew construction inspectionThese are free events that are provided to help agents to network and learn.  The speakers volunteer their time and an affiliate will sponsor some refreshments, such as fresh fruit and cold drinks, cookies and pastries.  We try to videotape the class, so … (4 comments)

the hunter: Sugar cane fields in bloom - Maui in December - 12/21/07 08:05 PM

I love it when the sugar cane fields bloom with their big fluffy plumes.  This usually happens in December on Maui each year.  When the sun hits a field of these flowers, it's a truly beautiful site.  Here's a few pictures that don't do the sight justice.  I have just stopped and snapped a few quick pictures in this past week.  I would really like to take the time to get some great shots, but these will have to suffice for now.  That grass is about 10 feet tall before it flowers, so you can imagine how tall those plumes are.
Sugar cane is grown … (6 comments)

the hunter: Even the ex-prez embraces wind power - 12/05/07 07:57 AM

The Skystream newsletter has a link to an interesting story today.... former president George Bush has installed a 33 foot tall windmill to generate electricity at his oceanfront summer home in Walker's Point, Maine.  This should help others to realize that wind power is a great thing.
A Skystream 3.7 model can produce an estimated 400 kilowatts a month at a wind speed of 12 mph. An average household uses about 600 kilowatts a month.  The wind turbine connects to the utility grid, and when it does not produce enough electricity, a home will start drawing electricity from its power company.  If the turbine produces excess energy, the … (10 comments)

the hunter: Paragon and Top Producer alliance - how is that? - 11/27/07 08:57 AM

Is anyone else using Paragon as their MLS system?  I hear that some markets have integrated Top Producer into Paragon, for the benefit of contact management.  How's that working out?  Our MLS is thinking about this option and would like some feedback.  All comments will be appreciated.
What's up with the rhino pic?  Just threw that in to keep it interesting.
Maybe it symbolizes that we should not be too hidebound, and should be willing to accept some changes that come our way.  lol
Aloha - The Hunter

the hunter: Active Rain = Active Brain - 11/18/07 11:00 AM
Hey you addicts, listen to this, you can justify the time you spend here on ActiveRain!
Did you read the November National Geographic magazine?  The story about MEMORY, and how brains work?  Fernando Nottebohm is a leading scientist who discovered that canaries generate new neurons to replace lost brain cells.  One of the ways they do this is by meeting new social partners.  Other researchers have confirmed that humans can also make new brain neural connections.  Well you don't have to be a rocket scientist to realize that social networking will help to increase your brain cells.  So blog away! 
Scientific tests have proven … (18 comments)

the hunter: Be Visible with Magnetic Signs on your Car - 11/16/07 09:46 AM

Does anybody have those magnetic signs on their car?  Are you using this marketing opportunity?  Our broker strongly recommends that his agents use these signs as a way of standing out above the crowd.  It's a low cost investment in your business, and it just might bring big rewards. 
I have found my signs to be helpful when I'm cruising to a showing on Maui, and meeting another agent for the first time.  As soon as they see my car, they know who I am and don't have to ask.  Likewise with meeting a client for the first time.  We … (12 comments)

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