taylor ranch: Chasing the market down means never winning the gold medal - 03/01/09 03:44 AM
Today I've decided to cancel a listing, which is something i never like to do, but the seller has a friend. You know how it goes, the friend gave him some advice and they pass it on to me and then when the home doesn't sell, whose fault is it?
From the very beginning, the seller has never wanted to quite listen to my pricing suggestions and he is always one step behind the market. When we first put the home on the market, he had to have it about $5,000 above where I suggested. The neighbor who put his home … (0 comments)

Good Morning!
The Holidays have come and gone again.  It's hard to believe that we are already back to the routine in a New Year.  I certainly wish you all of the best in the months ahead.
One thing that I have noticed over the past several months is the fact that people seem to be frozen in place.  There are so many great opportunities out there right now from the stock market to Real Estate.  Media hype over the poor economy and bad Real Estate market have created a situation where everyone is afraid to act.  There are investment opportunities today … (0 comments)

taylor ranch: BREAKING NEWS FROM THE WESTSIDE - 01/09/09 09:10 AM
WhisqueHere's breaking news from the west side.We were planning a dinner outing with some friends to Whisque at Coors and Montano. At first we were told that they would be closed for the week after New Years. We just called to make reservations for this Friday and there is a recorded message saying that they are closing their doors for good. This is too bad. We had tried them once and they were sub-par. We thought we would give them another chance to see if they had gotten their act together. I guess we'll never get that chance.

taylor ranch: Hiring Your REALTOR - 01/06/09 04:15 AM
Many people think that the main reason you hire a real estate agent is for the MLS exposure. And, unfortunately, in some cases that may appear to be the primary service some real estate agents provide. However, a good agent provides much more than simply a "For Sale" sign and a listing on the MLS database.
In this challenging real estate market, you can't afford to take the big risk of navigating through the many obstacles, disclosures, and fine print of the purchase and sales contract without the help of an experienced professional Realtor. You've just got too much to juggle to be able … (0 comments)

taylor ranch: Looking For Italian Home-Style Cooking - 09/16/08 09:03 AM
I first came to know Mimmo's by way of a friend who introduced to the place. The owner, it turns out,  is from Italy and the manager is from New York City, an awesome combo. While looking like just another casual pizza joint from the outside, inside you find a great relaxed atmosphere and the best eats on the Westside and Taylor Ranch. No stuffy self-importance of some the places in Albuquerque, nor the canned taste of others, just great home-style Italian cooking.
The pizza, the best in town, tastes nothing like you'll find anywhere else in Albuquerque. Just a little slice of … (0 comments)

taylor ranch: Need Auto Repair - Try The Garage - 09/02/08 11:31 PM
One of the more difficult challenges in moving to a new area is finding a good, reliable, reputable auto repair shop. There are few things worse in life then having your car breakdown and not knowing where to take it.
If you have recently moved to the Westside of Albuquerque then you are most fortunate. One of the best auto repair shops is right in your own backyard in Taylor Ranch.
Then Garage Auto Repair, located at the corner of Unser Boulevard and Western Trail NW, across from the Petroglyph National Monument.
I highly recommend the expert mechanics at The Garage … (0 comments)


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