westchester county: Housing Statistics Are the New Funny Math - 03/21/10 11:17 AM
Last week I got a call from the Associated Press.  They were asking about the current real estate market - what is going on in Westchester County they wanted to know.  Because RE/MAX International has national housing reports that they do with the Associated Press they call RE/MAX agents throughout the country and get on the ground information.
So how is the market in Westchester County.  Of course this is just my view but I don't think you can look at Westchester County and come up with how the market is.  You can look at the numbers but throughout Westchester … (1 comments)

westchester county: Rivertowns in Westchester County, New York - 02/07/10 01:06 AM

Seems to me that in order for a town to be considered a Rivertown they must have frontage on the Hudson River.  Ardsley doesn't have any Hudson River waterfront yet a lot of people consider it a Rivertown.  I don't.  Ardsley, New York is a 1.3 mile Village.  Ardsley has Route 9A running through the center.  Proximity to the city, centrally located and close to all highways and great schools make Ardsley a popular place to settle.  However it is not a Rivertown.  In Westchester County the following communities have Hudson River frontage and would be considered "Rivertowns":
Yonkers, Hastings-on-Hudson, … (2 comments)

westchester county: Blogging Can Be So Interesting at Times - 02/05/10 10:44 AM
This afternoon I received the most interesting email.  I am posting it here and if anyone remembers and can help please let me know, you can comment on the post.
Good afternoon Miriam,
  Years ago, I lived at 8 Sleepy Hollow Road., Rye Brook New York (off Ridge Street)
As a young girl, approx 12 years old, I remember my best friend Lisa R. and I, used to walk up the hill to visit an old castle that was in our neighborhood.  We used to sit under the tree and do our homework.  We would spend hours just walking … (2 comments)

westchester county: Coyotes in Westchester County, New York - 02/05/10 10:36 AM
In the Town of Greenburgh a women walking her dog was attack by a coyote at 3:15pm in the afternoon yesterday. Her dog was also attacked.  The following is from the Town of Greenburgh Police Deparment web site about what to do if you encounter a coyote.
The Police Department has recently recieved and investigated Coyote Sightings.
All residents are reminded to keep all pets inside, eliminate food sources, and keep a distance from coyotes. Report all coyote conflicts to the police department.

The Eastern coyote is firmly established in New York. They live in New York as an integral … (2 comments)

westchester county: Jewish Deli's In Westchester County, New York - 01/10/10 09:27 PM
There are just a few good Jewish Deli's in Westchester County.  Blooms Deli in upper Westchester has closed.  The Mt. Kisco deli is no longer in Mt. Kisco but is now located in White Plains.
"But the granddaddy of them all — Epstein’s of Hartsdale — is going strong after 40 years. Bought from the original owners by Robert DeGroaf and his wife, stepdaughter and son-in-law about a year and a half ago, Epstein’s has been spruced up and given a new focus on service while still putting out the same juicy pastrami, corned beef and freshly roasted turkey that it has … (4 comments)

westchester county: The First Time Buyer Interview - 01/03/10 10:43 PM
Yesterday after showing houses in the bitter cold (-8) wind chill I had an appointment to meet a new buyer at my office.  This buyer is a first time buyer who has spent time on the internet for the past few months and is trying to get a handle on the process of buying.  While there is a lot of information on the internet it is hard to put all of the information in order.  I met this buyer and we spent two hours getting to know each other.  When you are a new buyer you don't always know all the … (3 comments)

westchester county: Town of Greenburgh Tax Overages - Check it Out! - 12/18/09 10:44 PM
In 2007 I sold a house that is in the Town of Greenburgh, Westchester County, New York.  This house closed in November.  In January of 2008 a bank sent an escrow payment to the Town of Greenburgh.  Here is the problem.  The Town credited the money to the seller's name because there is a delay of up to 6 months from a closing to when the Town is notified as to who the new owner is.  If the buyer goes to the Town website and checks to see if the Town has any money that belongs to them their name will … (0 comments)

westchester county: Winter Snow Storm Coming this Weekend, 12/19/09 - 12/18/09 10:30 PM
it is Saturday morning and the East Coast is battening down for up to 20 inches of snow on Long Island.  In Westchester County which is north of New York City they are predicting 3-6 inches but possibly more.  We shall have to wait and see but certainly travel will be a mess as the airports are already reporting delays because of flights coming into New York from areas in North Carolina already effected by the storm.  A good day to stay off the roads as the storm hits.

westchester county: An Italian and Jewish Bakery, Kosher Too! - 12/15/09 08:01 PM
So when Enrico’s, an Italian Bronx bakery, opened at the site of a bakery in Hartsdale about 18 months ago, Glauberman saw a perfect opportunity to unite his passion for both Jewish tradition and bakeries.  Westchester has long had traditional kosher bakeries, like the White Plains Bake Shoppe or the myriad possibilities in communities like New Rochelle. That Jewish customers can buy a chocolate-chip challah or noodle kugel along with a dairy tiramisu cake or delicate italian pastries like sfogliatellle is a wonderful thing.

Full article, here


westchester county: Do You Know Where Your Listing Is? - 11/16/09 09:04 PM

In this market there are several reasons that a house might not have sold. Overpricing is the one you hear about overwhelmingly.  Seller's complain about their agents rather than lower their price, buyers are really fussy and have lot's of choices, main street, not the right school district, corner property, too much work needs to be done, taxes too high and a myriad of other reasons not to buy a particular house.
There is currently a house on the market in Westchester County that is on the MLS and is listed as being in the wrong town.  The house is … (7 comments)

westchester county: Continuing Education Certification - Keeping Up - 11/14/09 09:42 PM

This past week I took a course sponsored by the National Association of Realtors(r) on "Short Sales and Foreclosures" which is the first step toward the Certification SFR Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource.  This course was one day and was loaded with all kinds of helpful information so that I can advise homeowners appropriately if they are considering a short sale or headed toward foreclosure.  There was a lot of information about what we real estate agent should not do.
The course was taught by Randy Templeman who was great, enthusiastic and knowledgeable.  We agents need to take continuing … (2 comments)

westchester county: Are Real Estate Teams a Good Thing for the Consumer? - 10/30/09 09:39 PM
This article about Real Estate Teams appeared in the New York Times this morning.  The article says that real estate teams takes a cue from medical practices which is a bit of a stretch.  In a medical practice if you go to your internist (the broker) and he refers you to another specialist in his office that individual is a trained and boarded specialist in his own right.  In real estate teams the individual you are handed off to is often new to the business and learning. I often think about forming a team the problem is that I then think … (126 comments)

westchester county: Consumer Centric vs. Agent Centric - 10/22/09 10:10 PM
I have had several buyers who have relocated to the Westchester County area over the past few months from other areas of the country.  The practice of real estate is local, there are differences from area to area.  These buyers come from areas where real estate is consumer centric, the consumer is foremost.  One of the areas is Denver.  This buyer expected free choice in terms of who she used as a real estate agent and I was glad I could tell her that Westchester County is also conumer centric and that her rights as a consumer to pick her own agent and that … (0 comments)

westchester county: Spooktoberfest - 10/14/09 10:08 PM
 Spooktoberfest for Kids
October 24th, 2009
1pm-4pm (rain or shine)

                          Hart's Brook Park, Hartsdale, New York  

Children's Activities (12 and under)  

-1:45pm Halloween Trail Ride, Face Painting, Magic Show  

2-2:50pm Mask and Puppet Theatre  

3:15-4pm Jennie Berkson, Children's Entertainer  

Food Vendors, Games, Contests, Prizes
$5.00/person (under 2 free)
Sponsored by the Town of Greenburgh Department of Parks
Flyer Here


westchester county: Apple Picking in Westchester County, New York - 10/09/09 01:56 AM
 It's fall and it's apple pickin time. There are several apple orchards throughout Northern Westchester County and here are a few of the better known. One has the best cider, the absolute best!  They bake fresh pies, you can pick your apples or pumpkins, fresh cider.  Great day for the kids!  Just click through on the name for the details on each orchard and enjoy.
Outhouse Orchards, Croton Falls till the end of October, everyday from 10a-5p; 

Stuarts Farm, Granite Springs, everyday till November, 10a-5p 

Wilkins Fruit and Fir Farm, Yorktown Heights, weekends till November 10a-4:30p

Thompson's … (1 comments)

westchester county: Westchester County, New York Housing Statistics, July 09 - 09/02/09 11:22 PM

Just published by the New York State Association ofREALTORS are the housing statistics for the month of JulyAs expected the number of sales is down.  The good news is the June 09-July 09 number of sales is up by 23.1%.
Now we need to see if this is because of the spring/summer selling season.
July, 07  614 Sales
July 08  497  Sales
 June 09  309 Sales
July 09  411 Sales

July 07 - July 09  -19.1
July 08 -July 09  -17.3
June 09-July 09   23.1*
 July 07 - July 09   -33.1


westchester county: It Means this in New York... - 08/18/09 10:36 PM
If you are a first time buyer or moving to Westchester County from another part of the country you may receive listings from a Realtor©  Real Estate terms mean different things all across the country so you can't assume that if you bought real estate in let's say Florida or Arizona that when it says "pending" on the listing that it means the same thing as up here.  There are also differences within the metropolitan area so the following just applies to Westchester County.
ACTIVE - these are properties that are active on the Westchester Putnam Multiple Listing Service.  Properties stay … (3 comments)

westchester county: Westchester County Real Estate Blog - the original! - 06/17/09 10:35 PM
I started blogging way back, four years ago.  At the time there were only one or perhaps two of us on the internet blogging in Westchester County.  Even today a small handful of agents are blogging.  Back then I named my blog "Westchester County Real Estate Blog"  I choose the name because it was simple and clearly indicated what the blog would be about.  I also went around the internet to see what other bloggers around the country were doing and many had used the nae of their community and addred "real estate blog".
I bought the domain and pay for … (2 comments)

westchester county: Westchester County MLS 1st Quarter 2009 - 04/28/09 03:01 AM

The first quarter report of the Westchester Putnam MLS for 2009 was pubished this morning.  As anticipated there is continuing weakness in the housing market with the number of sales significantly lower than last year at this time.  To read the report please visit my main blog at:
Westchester Real Estate Blog

westchester county: Abolish County Government, Westchester County, NY Rally - 04/04/09 12:24 AM
All over Westchester County signs are appearing on front lawns about a tax rally scheduled at the County Office Building in White Plains.  The date is April 25, 2009 and the time is 12 noon.  Homeowners in Westchester County pay high taxes and the problem as I see it is the duplication of services.  As an example if you live in the Town of Greenburgh you pay the Town to support the Greenburgh police department but you also pay the county to support the County Police Department.  In the Town of Greenburgh which has six Villages, several Hamlets and … (2 comments)

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