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Thank you all for the response to our new book. You are great. The reviews are terrific and we appreciate it. Most are saying the same thing about not realizing that they could do some of these strategies with the 203k including buying investment property. Yes, it can be done. There is talkin DC ...
If anyone is interested in listening to some 203k tapes I put together in 1998 I'll post them. They are 203k Basics, 203k as a Team Sport, 203k Investor program, and one other I'll have to find to remember the title. If you like to hear rather than read these may be fun to listen to... FREE makes...
There are some lenders that are still living in the past with regards to the number of appraisals needed for a 203k. while they do require an 'as is' value and an 'after improved' value it can be done since 1995 by providing an "after improved" value appraisal and a paragraph that reads something...
If you currently provide regular 203k training for the public let me hear from you. I'd like to add you to a new web link I'm creating. In addition you will be able to see my upcoming seminars open to the public as we set them up all over the country. Good luck with your k's. Thank you to those w...
Reading some of the other blogs I was happily surprised to see a 203k friend talking up the Mixed Use application of the FHA loan program. I can't imphasize how dynamic this can be for a 'new investor' who doesn't mind liiving in the property for a while. You get to ignor the stores and have up t...

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