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HERS Raters are doing an amazing job... they make a detailed inspection and come up with a report that will tell you all the energy savings you might consider then list them in the "most benefit to you" order. This is essential when you are looking at the "payback" as they give you a good look at...
The EEM is a great program in case you aren't aware of it. We have been playing around with some scenarios with a new friend of mine that is a HERS Rater in Charlotte ... Chris. In batting some things around we discovered that you can SAVE YOUR DEAL that is going south. I've talked about this bef...
WE are seeing some 203k lenders that we haven't seen in action lately moving into our territory. Freedom Mortgage working hard in FL and Flagstar Bank in NC... I'll put more info about these on my website asap. M
Key Source Bank is begining a series of 203k seminars. You can get the schedule from our www.203konline.com website and Don Newman at Key Source Bank. Many of our team members will be there so come out and meet us. Jim Postma, Don, and I will be there for sure. First session is September 10th 200...
Hey everyone... thanks for all the business. Having to move to larger offices. New address is 4350 Main Street, Suite 215, Harrisburg, NC 28075-7448. The new phone numbers won't be working till the end of next week but you can still reach us at 704-451-1599 and for you land line users out toll fr...
I must be missing something with regards to the new rules for FNMA and Freddie appraisals having to go through a management company and the appraiser having to take it in the shorts. I have a good, lets say a very good appraiser who was charging $400 for an appraisal. Now someone decided that an ...
Watching the news for you... Taylor Bean and Whitaker have been suspended from making the FHA loans as of early this monthw. The FHA notification system just sent out a notice on this. If you have a 203k with them and it hasn't closed better get hopping to see if it even will close. YOu may need ...
What suits you. If you are a  borrower that is looking to get into a property that needs rehab work in any amount... the 203k is a natural choice. If you are an investor then your only choice is one of the more conventional "construction loan products". So both answers are correct the only thing ...
The 203k has been around since 1961 and during the past week I have heard from 20 people or more that just found out about the 203k... wow. They were very excited about it and thought it would be a big help to their business. The funny thing is that they are right. This has always been right and ...
We just had a meeting with HUD and they would like to see more EEM (energy efficient mortgaqe) combined with the 203k. This has been a great help in the past where the rations were tight and in one case it was near Christmas and just before closing the borrowers charged up their credit cards with...

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