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FHA 203k or not to 203k, not every home is a prospectThis is where you learn what propreties won't qualify for a 203k loan.Years ago I was called to Merced CA to preform a 203k consultation. Imagine how disappointed I was when just wasn't a feasible property for rehab. it had everything wrong wit...
Can I use the FHA 203k to fix up a house I already own? got a foundation... we can build a house using the 203k program got a house that needs a foundation... we can build a foundation using the 203k program need to create a room addition... use the 203k loan program need a garage... ditto do you...
A contractor at the meeting last night got the fever. It is so fun to see someone "get it" when you put on a seminar. You local realtors get ready he is going to bring your counterparts...ha. Next session is at Key Source Bank in Durham on 9/29 get your tickets soon. He'll also be a great teammat...
FHA 203k for investors Lets clear up the confusion about this program once and for all There seems to be some confusion on the 203k and investors.. 1) yes the Investor Program for the 203k is gone... but not forgotten 2) Yes, an investor can purchase and rehab a property under the 203k loan progr...
All you consultants out there... be aware of the law, I recommend that YOU start passing out the lead paint brochure and getting a signed acknowledgement for your file and then include a copy in your consultant report whenever you are working on a project built prior to 1978. Ask us more about it...
How do I get rid of an investment property? Real estate 101... Investors want to buy in this market but find the lack of interest from lenders UNLESS and UNTIL they can provide a way out of a property. We have that way out of an investment property for you and we are bringing it to Durham NC next...
Hey all you contractors in the Columbia SC area. The 203k is a great way for you to get more volume. This is just a reminder that we are having a few lenders and consultants hosting a rehab contractor meeting in Columbia SC on 9/9/09 at 9 am... contact David Sovde or myself if you would like to c...
A short while ago a young man called me to see if he could work with me providing our seminars... please call me again. We are expanding our service areas dramatically and are looking for people to put on our seminars now. Please call back... 704-451-1599 Thanks guys... get with us and plan to be...
Can you do an FHA 203k loan on a manufactured home... Yes. How about this. You want to replace your manufactured home... use the existing pier and post foundation and document it. We suggest that you make your "mark" on the existing piers so they can be identified under the new home. Years ago we...

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