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203K for Contractors Monterey to Orlando Well we had a great turnout last night at the NARI meeting. Girl Scouts were there selling cookies... did you know you can order cookies at the regular price for our soldiers overseas and they will be shipped FREE? The Boy Scouts were also represented by a...
Did you all get to see that  FHA 203k and Streamlined k webinar? Interesting. They emphasized the mixed use and larger multi family like 5-6 units that could be turned into 4 units. If you are in Berkeley or Berserkely as I lovingly call it from time to time you CANNOT remove units in production ...
Is there any lender out there who is doing 203k lending to non profits right now? I have a host of non profit organizations who are looking for a good 203k lender. Please contact me asap if you are already doing them.
Throughout the 1990's a name that stood out prominently in the 203k world was Sky Valley Mortgage and Mitchell Chernock. I had a meeting with Mitchell this afternoon and he hasn't lost it.... Glad to know you are still going strong. We are making some plans for you guys and gals in the RE world. ...
There are so many buyers available in Sacto that it isn't funny. Want to get the economy going... release more of the foreclosures you are holding back. All you bulk buyers interested in selling ALL of your properties so you can go get more please contact me ASAP. I have one customer with over 80...
Hey there... I received a call from a new friend in Columbus OH today. She is trying to sell a property she owns that needs a little work. Since there are a lot of available properties in that market it may need to be fixed up prior to selling it... OR it is sold "as is" utilizing the Streamlined...
For all you people in Durham NC - Key Source Bank has just been approved to do 203k loans. Good job Don Newman. They will be having new seminars posted on my web site for March 2010. The first seminar he did a few months ago got a 50% success rate. If you want to see how e put deals together in t...
Got a call from an old friend today... Mitch at Sky Valley Mortgage. Fun. If anyone knows about the 203k Mitch does. He was one of the innovators during the 1990's and completed lots of 203k loans. Mitch found, as I did, that seminars work. You have first time home buyer seminars that work to get...
This week is going to be very busy as we line out a complete training package for a major lender from training of their staff to marketing the program. I love this kind of stuff. WE also have a large RE firm wanting training in the marketing and we are preparing those workbooks as well. Our train...
I've been getting a lot of calls for people who want to sit down with me and "pick my brain" regarding the 203k loan or other renovation products like the HomeStyle Renovation loan or the HomePath Renovation loan. Not a problem, that doesn't take much time. lol. In all seriousness I don't mind do...

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