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Hey guys and gals, sorry for such short notice but I assumed everyone was watching my website for the events... I will be on the radio with Michell Churnock at 10:30 am PST... that is 11:am for Walter and Carlton it is 1:30 pm... sorry boys. Michell has been doing lots of 203ks from the lender's ...
Service is something that never grows old. I was going home last Friday from Fairfield to Woodland and while leaving the office I noticed there was a roofing nail in my tire. It had been loosing air but not badly. I headed home and by the time I got to Vacaville the traffic was pretty heavy and I...
I'm hearing chatter all over the country about how everyone is picking up business. That is great. All you people who are adding "Perfect for the 203k" is really working. thank you for your cooperation and participation. If you aren't already doing so please start. if your listing is a fixer put ...
Just got off the phone with one of my 203k loan cohorts... he just got so busy he is nervous. If it keeps increasing like this he is afraid he won't be able to keep up. Not a problem, I'm always recruiting for that very reason. I suggest all of you consultants get at least one person to train... ...
I'm seeing a 600 SF home today in a very nice neighborhood. That seems small by any standard for a detached SFR but it gets a nice addition and updating. Someone is thinking in the right direction... yea. Look for the homes that so many people are overlooking and make it the home you want via the...
Finally we have located a lender who is willing to finance non profit organizations using the 203k. This used to be a big item for our business as consultants and sellers. We used to canvas small churches in a neighborhood that had tired homes around it that needed fixing. Once you showed a small...
I hate to hear about sales that fall apart and offer my assistance to anyone anywhere in the USA that has a deal falling apart that has a construction or rehab element in it. 1) A conventional deal set to close in 30 days. The appraiser calls out some repairs that are needed. The seller is a bank...
There seems to be a lot of mis information about the 203k. Many lenders offer only the Streamlined "k" so they are telling you there is a maximum mortgage amount for the 203k. Confusing huh? There is ONLY for the Streamlined "k" and it is $35000 including costs and fees like contingency.  Don't l...
Last Tuesday we scheduled a FREE 4-hour seminar for those who wanted to become consultants... by Friday it was full. Good job. The enthusiasm in the Sacramento area is beyond belief. Several people signed up too late and it was full so we are going to set another event up for April 9th. If you wa...
I just was told by a RE agent in Solano County CA that they don't do FHA because properties are worth more here... and FHA is only for homes under $200k. Wow.  IN fact here in Solano County the FHA loan limit for a 203k is actually $557,500 and includes the needed work on the home... isn't that i...

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