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203k loans, the hottest renovation loan product on the market. Offering quick closings on homes that require repairs.



Marketing for the 203k is simple... put your information in front of the public and they will come. It is that simple but you need to tell them you are going to do so. So many people put on seminars but fail to tell anyone they are doing so. If you get the word out you will get participation.  Sa...
Well we have done some interesting properties this year already. 3 modular homes which are a little unique in that we had to use the existing foundation and remove the original modular home that was on those foundations on two of them but the third was an older, small stick built home on a perman...
More and more 203k lenders are purchasing our 203k software particularly if they are specializing in the Streamlined "k" as it allows up to five trade contractors and creates specs and contracts for each. It also provides all their necessary paperwork for the submission of a 203k loan when added ...
Two events planned this week.  Both at RE associations at 8:30 am Wednesday, tomorrow at the Masonic Hall 800 Rose Avenue, Modesto, CA Thursday at the Oakdale Golf Course at 243 North Stearns Road, Oakdale, CA Hope to see you there
The real estate market is and always has been a place for entrepreneurs to make money. Millions are being made right now all around us by those who are willing to take the plunge. The problem is that too many of you haven't a clue as to how to go about it. I see REIA and clubs opening all over th...
I have been baffled and befuddled for years about the 203k loan program. When I got involved with it in 1994 it was an exciting thing to see a loan product for buyers or owners, purchase or refinance, that could also provide monies to make needed repairs. Wow, I thought, this is wonderful. I've n...

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