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203k loans, the hottest renovation loan product on the market. Offering quick closings on homes that require repairs.



If you are a lender doing a lot of Streamlined "k" loans then you might consider our latest version of the 203k 2010 software as it can manage up to five contractors for you and simplify your life while streamlining your processing. In 2005 when the streamlined k was introduced it was to cut into...
We are back in info mode. We have a series of seminars coming up starting 27 OCT and continuing for 4-5 weeks then we'll break for Thanksgiving and may have one in early Dec but January first we'll be back weekly with them. These seminars are FREE but we have limited seating so we need to order y...
Just waiting for the crowd to arrive in Mountain View anxious to see what we are going to learn today. Saw Michael and Patricia Regan from Santa Rosa of the Michael Regan Team, one of the most powerful loan teams I've met in a long time, here as we were walking in, My wife will be disappointed sh...
It has happened, at least here in CA... the word is out and there are quite a number of new lenders to the 203k coming into play. That is a good thing. There is always room for another good one. The other thing that happens is "a rising tide will lift all boats in the harbor"  Is is much like the...
I've been providing informational services on the 203k to the public and industry professional since 1994 and we have another series of seminars we are setting up in Concord and Sacramento, you can find the dates and places on our website. The first one is being hosted by Prospect Mortgage in Con...
FHA 203k consultant in Merced CA Serving the needs of Merced and surrounding areas to help our clients know the cost of their project before the contractor bids the project. We just opened our Merced County office that will cover from Bakersfield to Lodi and surrounding areas on the 203k. Jim Bro...
Don't miss out when it comes to your area. A refresher course is not a bad thing. You get the latest news from HUD on their programs and any new interpretations or restrictions. It does put me out of touch for a day, sorry about that but it can't be helped. I'll bring you up to date on what we le...
That is hard to say. The Feasibility Analysis is a low cost tool to help you determine if it is a 203k or not and to what extent the renovation may cost you. I always thought we could rehab anything... Not so, however. Years ago I was in Merced CA to look at a home for a 203k project to find a ho...
Asset managers are finding that they can get rid of more of their homes at the highest probable price by using a 203k consultant "Feasibility Analysis" to get a viable cost to cure. That is correct. A 203k consultant should be able to create a job bid on a property that can be used to sell this p...
I'm seeing more and more new investors that have taken a course from someone and stop into the office to see if we can find some listings for that haven't sold in quite a while. I think we had five or six last week in our little office. I'm hearing similar stories from other agent offices in the ...

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