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Hey guys and gals. If there is anyone out there thinking about becoming a 203k consultant in Northern CA... contact me. I'm going to take on a few associates and personally train them on the job. It looks like we are going to be very busy very shortly. If you know of a home inspector or contracto...
It is very satisfying to run into old friends in this business... some aren't so old but you have known them for a long time. I got a call from Linda M. yesterday and it was so fantastic hearing her voice after about six years of being away from the area. We set up an appointment and I'm looking ...
Hey guys and gals, I've been canvasing the CA market to find there are a lot of agents that are putting in their listings that they won't consider an FHA or VA offer. Upon further scrutiny it appears this is because typically they require the property to be repaired prior to COE. Instead they sit...
The 203k is a peculiar product. Since I have been active in the 203k it has been what  I call a "sleeper". A mysterious product that everyone can tell you about and no one can give you specifics. As in any product the problems always are what is talked about and you seldom hear of the successes.....
I have heard two consultants tell me that they are still using the 1992 fee schedule for the HUD 203k consultants. Can anyone show me that schedule? The only one I'm aware of is in the 94-11 mortgagee letter which can be found at http://www.hud.gov/offices/adm/hudclips/letters/mortgagee/files/94-...
The new GFE is out and lots of people are concerned about it.... not to be. Just fill in the blanks and work through it You'll do just fine. On a positive note I'm hearing from several loan agents that they are getting lots of calls on the 203k this week so people are rested, It will be a great y...
Whenever you look for movers and shakers just look at when you can get in front of masses of people and see who sets themselves out in the public. I just attended a Home Show in Sacramento CA and found only one lender there... Wells Fargo Home Loans and Kendra Clemon's team was there. I'm anxious...
Happy New Year everyone. If you are reading this you must have survived the new years party...ha. I know now why you should party with people your own age. Wow that music was loud. I'm focusing on all of the hot renovation products for 2010. Of course my emphasis has always been the 203k but we w...

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