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We were doing a 203k loan consultation the other day and low and behold we met the nicest couple who turned out to be the owners of Zio Fraedo's Italian & Continental Restaurant in Vallejo what a small world. I lived in Pleasant Hill for my last year in high school and a couple years there after ...
Not in many cases as the 203k loan does not allow luxury items to be financed more than $1,500. Therefore if you have one as we do right now the borrower has to come up with $23,500 and add it to his down payment since the money to make the repairs, all of the money must be in the renovation acc...
A tale of two properties in two cities actually. City number one has a 203k loan on a home that you might not expect to see as a 203k.       Isn't this terrific? I think so. 4,500 SF home with tile roof, wood plank hardwood flooring, lots of tile, high ceilings. partially finished pool, mature tr...
203k Seminar - Stockton CA Had a wonderful time with Catalyst RE in Stockton with Gwen Woods from American Pacific Mortgage who was providing the snacks and coffee for the group. We also had a guest from Zip Realty there. I love it when a lender like American Pacific Mortgage gets it... I mean th...
  As a Realtor or Agent why should you push the 203k loan? Let’s start with the other agent, the one that tries to steer you away from the 203k. The only reason that happens is because they haven’t done their homework on the “k” products. That is correct. Why would I sell you something if I could...
Last night in Concord, CA we had a small group but lots of questions, I think we opened some eyes to the 203k, one contractor rep came that turned out is representing a contractor that used to do quite a few 203k projects for us throughout the 1990's and that was fun. Ray Luna will be stopping by...
This is a big one. If you are involved with the FHA 203k at any level we can generate our own business without allot of effort. Just consistency wins out every time. Be there when they need the information. I can’t count how many times have I asked Realtor Associations how may people come into t...
Why would I use an FHA 203k loan over a construction loan? Easy it is less expensive and I get a permanent 30-year low interest fixed rate mortgage, one mortgage, no second at a higher rate. Which I see being advertised as before the crises set in. The banks are going back to their old ways of p...
It is no secret that I enjoy Benihana's Restaurant particularly the number 1 branch in the USA located in Concord CA. I've been catching shrimp with chop sticks. I stopped in on my way back from Watsonville yesterday. Say my favorite waitress Kim and the guys. Didn't have time for dinner just had...
Wow, I just lost the blog... my computer browser decided to close before I was published..., lets see if I can get back to where I left off... I was listening to the radio Saturday, yesterday, and found a wonderful radio show by a Vitek Mortgage fella and a knowledgeable moderator. Sorry guys I w...

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