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Are you an REO listing agent? Would you love to know what the repairs would be on one of your fixers? Would that help you get that property sold? Of course it would. We are offering you the chance to do just that if you have up to ten REO properties that need work we will send our crew into those...
... or anywhere else for that matter.  Small homes are coming back into Vogue but some are so small that you can't get a loan on them. I was listening to the commentator on the radio on the way into the office this am and they confirmed it.  What do you do when you can't get a loan on a home beca...
That last post I did was about appraisers and the 203k, they were going way beyond their scope of work.. today I received a call and it sounds like the appraiser missed basic things that are likely going to get him fined if he is lucky and possibly loose his license. This was a 203b and the appra...
I have 21 condos in Greensboro NC that are yours if you qualify to take over my payments.   HOA $2600 per month Mortgage $2600 per month Income is about $500/month/unit x 21 = $10,500 per month Loan amount is $610,000 so you write off almost $22,000 per year This is the plea of a friend of mine a...
Whether you are a home buyer looking to buy your first home or a seasoned investor you should learn all you can about renovation loan products. Here in CA we have many top notch renovation lenders and many of them like Jacob Warren and Sean Palmer in Roseville or Ed Rogers and Tim Floyd in Walnut...
  This weekend is a Charlotte weekend lots of draws today. I love these draw inspections. What is a draw inspection? Once your 203k project gets underway and work begins it won't be very long before your contractor wants to be paid. They just need to put a call in to the consultant who will typic...
  Realtors and agents NEED to get this as it is important for a successful 203k loan project. It is your client who will suffer. The Streamlined k doesn’t “REQUIRE” a consultant… that is a key word, you are fooling yourself if you don’t use a consultant on a 203k loan. A 203k consultant is your K...
Listed on the MLS and price just reduced. Get this sold form me please. Bring all offers. I has been gutted and we have bids from several contractors that range from $60,000-65,000 so they all pretty much agree on the cost to have a 4-bedroom, 2.5 bathroom home fuly updated. We already fixed the ...
This is  an example of  forward thinking listing agents who say it like it is. Makes life so much easier when everyone knows they will take an offer that includes renovation.Elk Grove Investors...are you looking for an Elk Grove fixer. Take a look at this one!   Investors .Looking for an Elk Grov...
How about skateboard, not just skate boards but "long boards" my nephew and I had dinner last night and he about to set up his own manufacturing plant for long skate boards. I told him when I was his age we surfed quite a bit and the boards in those days were just called "surf boards" today they ...

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