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Bank of America with Jim Black and Chris Wells and their team will be at the Elks Club at 1475 Creekside Drive Walnut Creek, CA 94596 on April 27th, 2011 at 11 am - 1:30 and serving lunch   If you haven't had the chance to see Jim put on his take on the features and benefits of FHA 203k financing...
Bill Griffis and Tim Floyd had us join them in a joint presentation on the FHA 203k loan program and their conventional  renovation loan products which can be used for  second homes and investors in Half Moon Bay this morning and Bill servied a wonderful lunch to us prior to the event. Lots of go...
Wow, I made an appointment a few days ago to do a draw inspection for a 203k construction project in Placerville, CA and thought nothing of it as far as the potential weather front coming in over the weekend. There was no snow to be found on my way up but I had another one scheduled a few miles e...
Friday - Long day scheduled today starting off at 8 am in Carmichael with a full 203k consultation on a rather large property. This one I understand is an older home being renovated and doubled in size at the same time, of course. The FHA 203k is perfect to make room additions and clean up the ol...
 Always a fun experience to walk the beaches. It seemed so deserted yesterday when after the training session at Santa Cruz Home Finance my wife and I took a stroll on the beach at Santa Cruz. It is 'off season" but we didn't mind. I remembers many a day when I was a lad, that we were in that wat...
We have been very surprised by the great response we are getting from our lenders regarding "lender training" which we recently added to our list of services. We have been training consultants since 1995, contractors were added to the mix in 1998, and most recently we added the lender training. L...
Many times when you think of a 203k as in the "days of old" you were often looking at an older run down house in a run down neighborhood. Not so any longer. When HUD raised the FHA maximum loan amounts this put a different face on the program. Now we can go into most neighborhoods in the country ...
Santa Cruz Home Finance is the newest addition to the 203k lending family of course located in Santa Cruz CA. They have been in business for many years as an FHA lender and feel the time is right for the 203k loan as so many homes in the area being sold have issues.  They understand the value of ...
  What is all the whoopla about the EEM?     The Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM) was set up in 1993 to Green UP the nation's housing stock. We must be more responsible for conserving our natural resources. Being more energy conscious is a MUST. Everyone wants to upgrade their windows to "dual pan...
I grew up in Richmond CA where there was a Casper's Famous Hot Dog restaurant within about 5 blocks of my home. It was an easy ride on my bike. I remember many times picking up 20-25 hot dogs when people would stob by the house unexpectedly. Mom would always send me down to pick them up. In those...

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