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Clients sometimes baffle me with their lack of understanding as to what we do as 203k consultants. The short of it is that we protect the public. I’ve written about a deal where we wrote up a bid specification and provided our estimate of the cost to make the repairs before. We came in at $159,00...
It is always fun to see a loan officer, manager become an entreprenuer. Linda LaGrasso has just open her new branch office of Landmark Mortgage Group, a divisoin of Opes Advisors, Inc Her new office is located at 813 First Street, Brentwood, CA and while th ey can do all types of loans they speci...
I can’t believe the number of homes we see that are being trashed by the persons who used to live there and “love” that house… why? Because they never really were the quality of person who should have lived in that home. That is a fact. If you have a nice home and you were over financed and you l...
We get calls weekly asking us for a list of contractors for one reason or another for projects outside our own projects… we don’t like to just pass out names or lists of names. It isn’t what we do, sorry. We manage our contractors an pay attention to the amount of work load they have as we don’t ...
Once the project is funded and the work begins we have a process called the "Draw Process". Since the Full 203k loan program is a "reimbursement" program for the contractor, the contractors must get some work done with his own funds and wherewithal in order to get "reimbursed" from the loan. The ...
We are saddened by the passing of one of my younger brothers this past weekend. He lived in the Phillippines and is survived by his wife Gina and daughter, his Son Jr. in Florida, and his two grown daughers in CA, Brenna Franchesca and Whitney Gene and their combined five children and of course h...
Congratulations go to Rob Gilroy for his work on educating the local Realtor Communities on the FHA 203k loan program. Rob is very knowledgeable and has a good understanding of how it can be implemented. In the short time he has been working in that area on the 203k he has a very respectable numb...
Many times the contractor is the borrower's first line of defense. They bring a contractor to the site and together they decide what is needed to bring this property to the condition they would like to see it. Many times that includes the health and safety issues but not always. As a 203k consult...
Another hot bed of activity. We have a few going on in that community and it seems we are about to have several more. Santa Cruz Home Finance has several in  and seems to be the leader in that area at this time. You can't go wrong with people like Tai and Peter Boutell working with you on your 20...
I've written about a warehouse over the years in a  neighborhood where the zoning changed as we watched residential uses move in all around it.  I had the pleasure today of stopping by and seeing one we did many years ago out of curiosity. This is what I found: You can see it was  a warehouse and...

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