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Any lender that does FHA loans can get into the Streamlined k loan program.. is that right? problably not, but that is the fact. They dont' have to know anything or take a course just start doing them. What has happened with that program? What happens when you have no oversight on any government ...
Unlikely 203k property? Maybe yes, maybe no - Sacramento to Oakland Learn what properties qualify for the FHA 203k program. When you think of a 203k you likely think of a small house in a rough neighborhood as for many years that is exactly what it was. Not true any more...  Typical house for the...
I'm in Indianapolis IN for a Housemaster regional meeting and, of course, talking about the FHA 203k loan program, what else? Alan Peterson, a HouseMaster franchisee has recently become the "go to guy" in this area. He is  a very knowledgeable home and we are happy to let you know that he has don...
Why do we work with team? Simply that you get to know what to expect and know that the other team member will be doing their part to see that the deal gets closed. Once in a while you get reminded that not all teams are equal and you may have to work with a team member to get them up to speed.  I...
A termite report is a tool like any other tool there is a time and a place for it. As an investor I always got a termite report as I think it is just good common sense to have eyes on the purchase. The cost of a termite report makes it a "no brain-er". There seems to be a consensus among lenders ...
Investors and the FHA 203k loan program This post will tell you of an investor loan product you can use right now as you wait for the FHA to get their act together. While investors used to be able to purchase fixers and get the money to fix them up with the FHA 203 loan guarantee program. That wa...
That is always a quesiton because there are many out there who profess to be renovation lenders. Don't get me wrong, There are a good many who can and do close them everyday. Today we are going to talk about just one of them.  Ed Rogers of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage in Walnut Creek, CA. Ed is one ...
We have several projects in Oakland and several new contractors we are working with that are just fabulouse so far... lol, just kidding. There are so many good contractors out there looking for work and the FHA 203k is just what their Dr. ordered. It is a way to get busy, stay busy, and actually ...
What does it mean to be a 203k certified contractor, why would you want that certification and who is doing the certification of contractors? These are all great questions so let’s take them one at a time. What does it mean to be a 203k certified contractor? Simple that the contractor has gone ou...
Streamlined “k” (started in 2005) now called the Limited 203k and was intended to make the program easier to use for the majority of the lighter renovation projects. The significant thing with this one is that it cannot have any “structural” component. It is intended for smaller projects and thou...

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