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San Jose is heating up, wow, lots of activity there.  I find it so interesting to see an area explode like San Jose is doing right now. It is interesting because they, as a group, finally get it. Once you understand the power of a 203k to move properties and stimulate the economy it is amazing to...
Mortgagee letters are typically the way HUD conveys information and rules to the public. Mortgagee letter 94-11 was and is the 203k consultants most productive Mortgagee Letter. It is the first time that HUD actually gave any direction to the consultants.  I find that working with lenders they wa...
Bill Peterson, Las Vegas has been in the business for a while and we hear he is doing a wonderful job keeping up with your 203k consulting projects in that area. When you need a seasoned pro to help you close those loans faster in the Las Vegas area you can't go wrong with Bill and his group. As ...
You would think the only people in trouble right now are the taxing entities, states, counties, and cities... NOT We are all in this recession together and it is time to cut spending and STOP raising taxes and fees to help the cities, counties, and state survive. We all need to survive. There sho...
Realtors and agents NEED to get this as it is important for a successful 203k loan project. It is your client who will suffer. The Streamlined k doesn’t “REQUIRE” a consultant… that is a key word, you are fooling yourself if you don’t use a consultant on a 203k loan. A 203k consultant is your KEY...

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