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Grading is the most important single thing you can do for your home. Poor grading is the cause of over 90% of foundation failures. Yet it was likely fine when you purchased the home. All you have to do is maintain what is already there in many cases. When you purchase a new home, I mean a brand n...
Well there is no rest for the Wicked as my Mom used to say. It's Sunday and we are relaxing and, of course, the client needs it this weekend. lol All kidding aside as much as we like to enjoy our Weekends there are many times our clients just can't affort to miss time during the working week so y...
How do you find an FHA 203k lender in Walnut Creek? That is a tough one because there are several in that area that can actually close these loans. It might be better to ask who should I stay away from? In any case if you are doing your 1st or 100th 203k loan you should use someone you trust, a l...
HouseMaster group with Mike & Kathleen Kuhn has just added 203k consulting to their home inspection business. This is a perfect service to add to every home inspection business as we, as home inspectors, get accused of "killing the deal" more that we like to admit when, in fact, we are just repor...
Once you understand what each report is you will understand their proper use. Feasibility report - a short inspection, typically 30 minutes in length, that identifies the deficiencies in a home and what it would take to get the home up to FHA MPS (minimum property Standards) nothing more.  Why no...
Jeff is one of those lenders you can depend on to get it right. There are lots of, so called, 203k lenders that still don't have  a clue or that tell you the consturction is limited to $35,000 because they don't do the full 203k loan program. You can learn from Jeff.       The FHA 203(k) is a gre...
HUD FHA 203k consultant Cottonwood and Redding Congratulations to Tom Glenn, long time contractor in the Redding and Cottonwood area for over twenty years. Tom has gone to the distance to gain knowledge to be able to coach you and do your 203k inspections and feasibility reports. A welcome additi...
High tension towers can be a problem, most people just don't like them. Years ago I was one of three RE appraisers hired by Cal-Vet when I received a call about a home in Crockett CA. When I was asked to go appraise it, I immediately told my boss at Cal-Vet that we can't loan on that home.  He as...
This is a call to arms. According to your state law, if you look at a home and report back to the owner that they need a roof, heating system and water heater as an example, YOU are in violation of state law that says you MUST be a licensed home inspector.  The exemptions are trade contractors (n...
Kansas has made it harder to get a loan for their residents. The citizens of your fine state can thank the Home Inspection Licensing Board for taking a HUD letter suggesting that all 203k consultants must become a home inspector in the state if there is licensing. The State jumped right on that b...

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