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I have learned so much from rain camp, I can't tell you all enough about getting in on a Rain Camp. Today in about half an hour we have one. I'm getting anxious to say the least. If you've ever done anything with regards to your SEO these guys have it going on. I've applied it to my website as we...
I see lots of homes each year and you would be surprised at that ways the FHA 203k can help fulfill your dream home plan. What can we say about this home? It was in a fire some time ago, there is no reason for it to still be in this condition. Buyers walk for whatever their reasons may be. The ho...
While the FHA 203k loan program is a really good solution for many people seeking to repair their purchase or existing home. About one in a hundred is a major disaster. Sorry to admit that but they aren't all smooth as silk. The good thing is that if you start off with a nightmare 203k then you h...
Not in most cases as the 203k loan program does not allow luxury items to be financed more than $1,500. So, the answer is yes if the work is $1,500 or less or if the borrower wants to put up the difference in cash. Therefore if you have one as we do right now the borrower has to come up with $23,...
This is a big one. If you are involved with the FHA 203k at any level we can generate your own business without a lot of effort. Just consistency - it wins out every time. Be there when they need the information. I can’t count how many times I have asked groups at Realtor Associations how many pe...
Appliances can be a big expense for your renovation project, I’ve seen them running as high as $15,000-18,000. More often than not however they are in the $3,000 – 5,000 range. In any case there is a place called www.us-appliance.com that has some extremely good deals to offer. I’m talking about ...
1) Find a lender and get pre-qualified... This is the logical first step as we need to ascertain the loan amount that you may qualify for or the maximum loan amount that keeps you at your comfort level. They may be two quite different numbers. We want you to feel comfortable that your payment is ...
okay she didn't see my last post I am having so much fun with Dragon Naturally speaking by nuance. I am dictating this directly on my computer and it is a ball. South Portland Maine's about to get a new consultant. I've been working with Dan Link of accurate home inspections the past few weeks ge...
I love all this new technology yet haven't master it all yet. I tried that "dragon naturally speaking" program years ago and wan't impressed at all. I had to ready a number of short stories into it and it still failed to do what I had hoped.  Well, I must tell you it is so cheap now that I tried ...
How about a mixed use building? I love this type property as in many cases it is very hard to get them financed. This is typically a commercial loan. The FHA Full 203k loan is perfect for a renovation project on a mixed use building. Let’s look at a couple of examples in “Small Town America” wher...

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