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 The FHA 203k program is all about renovating our aging housing stock. It fits in very well with the current economic climate and the quality of the homes we find coming back on the market. Many of them in very poor condition.         We take this and turn it into                        This  -  ...
I here stories about low inventory all the time and what you have in inventory isn't the right size for your clients... What is wrong with this home as an example?Nothing is wrong with it. Beautiful inside and out. A picture perfect home. Oh, the family loves the neighborhood but they are having ...
Driving through San Jose yesterday I saw this roof design, It has been many years since I saw this roof type but it certainly lends some character to a home, don't you agree?        I love this design style and the roof adds a craftsman quality to the design.              Spanish influence is cle...
    This Mountain View home was fixed up this past summer. Isn't amazing what curb appeal can do for a home.  See what just a little lightening up can do for the presense of the home.          This Mountain View home's hall bathroom was dated to say the least but still functional          I think...
We deal in all types of renovation loans, loans that are to purchase or refinance and to renovate the property all in one low interest loan fixed for 30-years. I hear investors talking about having to pay all cash for fixers and then having to make all the repairs to bring the home up to current ...
Subsidence is when the hillside gets so saturated with water that it can't support itself any longer and then the hillside starts to slide and flow much like molten lava might. This is very heavy soil movement. As you can see by the lumping the soil with grass on it is moving much like molten lav...
I see lots of different designs but here is one in Berkeley that appears to be a little unique It might be fun trying but can you imagine having the appraiser say it conforms to the neighborhood? LOL, I'm laughing because some would say that.  I've passed by this home a hundred times and each tim...
The validation process includes references, financial info, a W9 and that is about it. Why do we want financial information? I get that question all the time from contractors who can't be validated. It is sad but it is for the borrower's protection.  The FHA 203k is a reimbursement program so the...
I just did a final inspection to see a beautiful kitchen with bleached walnut cabinets and granite counter tops. What do you think about this set for about $7,000 installed? Can you believe it? I was in a seminar the other day when a guy was selling updated kitchens for $30-70,000, this one was $...
Who would have guessed we would be working in some of the nicest neighborhoods with the FHA 203k loan program? Certainly not me. This is a home the first time we saw it... a licensed contractor was workoing on it and this is the result... when the home owner said "why is there  a post in front of...

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