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Renovation work must be completed in a workmanlike manner All work on an FHA 203k project must  be completed in a professional workmanlike manner. Here is a photo of an eave vent that was to be replaced... is it completed in a professinal workmanlike manner? I think not.   This home had 2 x 6 raf...
FHA 203k contractor for Hayward and Castro Valley Get the name of our featured contractor for the Oakland Bay Area This is one of our recommended contractors in the Hayward,Oakland area. Innovation Construction has a professional crew that gets in and gets the work done.  Andrew Puchkov, the Pres...
Bike paths in Berkeley CA This is a view of a bike path in Berkeley CA, no cars allowed. Bikers can feel pretty safe using these bike paths. I was doing a draw inspection about a block from here when I noticed this bike path and a number of bikers using it. Much safer than riding on the street f...
Can non profit organizations have access to the FHA 203k loan guarantee program? this article will give you the information you need to get your non profit on the way to doing an FHA 203k project to benefit their organization and the surrouding community, anywhere in the USA. Why would a non prof...
  Jack is one of the most informed Realtors in the area and always is worth listening to. I just thought we needed to repost this story to be sure more people get to see it. Nice job Jack. Keep up the great work you do.  "Keep Your California Home Programs."  California homeowners who pulled mone...
HUD FHA 203k Investor program This blog post will tell you about investor programs that include renovation money. What are the basic investor programs  This is a program that lets investors "flip" properties, the same thing that FHA was condemning just a short time ago... like yesterday. Wow, I'v...
FHA 184 loan for American Indians There are lots of loans program out there that can be used by anyone not just American Indians but there is one renovation loan product that is just what the doctor ordered. How about 2.5% down payment Renovation like a 203k loan is okay FHA product Build a brand...
You don't need credit bo buy a home This blog post will tell you about a program where there is no credit check with a large down payment.  Bold statement right? But it is all true. You don't need credit ot purchase a home. So you went bankrupt a year or two ago and you are finding it difficult t...
Pacita had this great explanation showing a graphic representation of the sewer lateral that I just had to re-post it. The FHA 203k and FannieMae HomeStyle loan programs are great examples of how this issue could be addressed in order to keep your sale on track. The work can happen after the sale...
FHA 203k financing for non profit organizations Learn who will finance your non profit to purchase and renovation properties as well as how to find some great low down payment properties. Reasons a non profit might want to renovation homes There are a number of good reasons for non profits to do ...

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