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Saturday night when we got home, my wife got out of the car so I could back up into our driveway, we park rather claose to a hedge we have there. While she was staning at the side of the car and I completed my "back in", opened the door, heard her let out a scream, I asked what it was and it was ...
I just want to do the bare minimum for my FHA 203k project This is an "all to common" statement that our buyers tell us. What is wrong with this picture? The home needs work, they have cash but they want to control the cash and they can't get any kind of loan if they don't do some work on the hom...
Today was an interesting day for me as we had three final draw inspections. Three projects came to a conclusion all on the same day. Lets take a look at all three.           Gas line ran, tile back splash and counter-tops. Got rid of those pressed wood cabinets with butcher block counter-top and ...
Can I paint my own house on a 203k loan? Yes you can paint the interior of your home on a 203k but NOT if you want it to count for value on your appraisal. Be careful, everyone thinks they are a painter. Why? It is beyond me. Most aren't. No you cannot paint the house. This is the answer I like t...
Can I add appliances to my FHA 203k loan? Short answer is "YES" you can.    Lets see, do you want to keep this hood and range while renovating this home? I wouldn't. We replace appliances all the time with the FHA 203k loan program.                     The stove to the right has the ability to bu...
Can I add a detached garage with the FHA 203k loan program? Yes, you can, detached garages are perfectly okay with the 203k it is a common missunderstanding that you can't but the rule actually states that IF there  is living area at the garage addition or if you are adding living area it MUST be...
I'm the seller & a contractor, can the buyer hire me for the repairs? This was a question I was asked this past week. I must say it hasn't ever come up in the past twenty years to I find it an intriguing question. Lets take a look at the built in "Conflicts of interest" by HUD design. 1) Contract...
A large construction project can test the strength of your partnership Since I started working in residential construction about fifty years ago I've always heard that anyone taking on a large project or "building your own house" can test the strength of your marriage or partnership. You need to ...
Flue Season Just got back from the CREIA conference in Sacramento. Had a great time seeing old friends and meeting some new ones. Met a fascinating guy by the name of Bob Ferrari of FlueSeasons.com. He had some interesting stories of how the chimney sweeps of old used to send children down the ch...
Don't be alarmed! NOT!, every day we have people laid off and leaving the work force we have more and more getting desperate to survive. Once they get to that point where they very little hope, the need for feeding their family and themselves becomes stronger. These days it is just not very smart...

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