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We sincereley hope that all of our friends at ActiveRain are having the best Thanksgiving Day celebrations of their lives.  Thank you all for your support and continued success This has been a banner year for us and we give thanks to all of you who made it happen and for all the new friends we ha...
I've been doing renovation loan and construction consulting since 1994 and found it to be a very rewarding experience and we move a whole lot of homes that wouldn't have been moved in any other way. Daily I hear Realtors say they have never done one after thirty years in the business, others have...
Borrowers are doing their homework much more than ever with their expertise in computers searches and so forth but there are many aspects of the FHA 203k program that some think they can save a penny but doing it themselves then bringing in the consultant at the last minute to wrap things up. I d...
Sometimes sellers can be a real pain. They say they want to sell the home, you get into contract and everyone agrees on the price... and then, and then, and then along comes John Just kidding. I had a consultant contact me first thing this morning with this problem. Buyer wants to add a second st...
I hear from clients numerous times per month about why the termite company charges so much more than the general contractor.  This is a garage we saw yesterday. When you think of a pest company and what they do it becomes evident that they work in rotted out structures all the time and in doing s...
I get such a kick out of people who say they are "investors" as I use-ta was one. I must hear someone each week that says they just pay all cash then fix them up all cash and do one at a time, over and over again.  I guess in their eyes that makes them an investor. If they leveraged their investm...

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