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  Dee Dee has it going on. If you don't know her you are missing a bet. I thought this post was worth re-posting as I have clients that want to do this things every now and again and it is nice to point to others who agree with you now and then. Nice post Dee Dee. Hope to see you at the meet up t...
How many times to we hear this? I always tell the client at the consultation that THEY must tell the contractor when the loan closes because they just signed the paperwork. If they fail to do so the pot will boil over a bit and everyone gets upset yet NO ONE has told the contractor it closed escr...
How many times have we heard that? About  every week someone tells us that and it is likely the worst thing you can do or for sure one of the worst things you can do. Why? There are no guarantees in life, and I don't want you to become a slave to your house. Get it fixed up like you want to live ...
I get such a kick out of agents who just don't get it and then sit on a listing for a year or two. A major lender had a property in Oakland that had some major problems. No one knew what it would take to fix all the issues. In over eighteen months no offers came in, not even all cash offers with ...
I love it when I do a talk on the benefits of the FHA 203k or the FannieMae HomeStyle Renovation loan program and they typically get notoriety at the same talk. The fun comes when a Realtor or two tells me that the home values are just way too high for those type loans to work and our clients typ...
What does a typical 203k project look like? Here are a few that we saw in the past year...   SFR south of San Jose. Needed a new roof, heating system was well beyond it's useful life. Vegitation growing all over the home... clinging vines, dated kitchen and bathrooms. Seller ignored repairs for y...
This last week was riddled with questions of "can I do this with an FHA 203k?" 1) I have a house on a lot zoned for a triplex and large enough for a triplex. Can I build two more units on this lot using the 203k? Yes, you can.  2) I have a single family home on a lot zoned for a duplex. Can I add...

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