203k consultant santa rosa: Can I do a renovation loan after another renovation loan? - 03/08/17 08:47 AM
Can I do a renovation loan after another renovation loan?
Quite often a buyer will do the "bare minimum" renovation on their new home which is likely a mistake in the first place. Then after a year or so and the rest of the worked they thought they would do just never got done. Wow, so many times, they get busy with their lives and just don't find the time to do all they planned. 
Surprise, surprise. Actually it isn't a surprise at all. They were likely counselled on this very thing happening. We see too many times that the clients either have … (0 comments)

203k consultant santa rosa: What does your schedule look like? - 12/21/15 12:04 PM
When I was in the sheet metal manufacturing business my clients would place an order for whatever they needed and we would deliver it. I never had one of them call me to ask "what does your schedule look like?"
I have yet to call the grocer to see if they have groceries before I go shopping. Maybe I'm missing something. I'll call Baskin Robbins and see if they have my flavor before I go have some ice cream. 
How about if I call my Realtor and say something like "I'm thinking about buying a house, what does your schedule look like?", then keep asking … (3 comments)

203k consultant santa rosa: What is your consultation fee? - 03/05/15 01:52 PM
What is your consultation fee?
That is nearly always a question that gets asked. Well, it is on our order form to make it easy for you to fill out your GFE - Good Faith Estimate of fees and charges. We have attempted to make it so easy and efficient. If you are a lender placing the order and you have ordered before with the same company, you need not fill out all the company information each time, your name and phone number are sufficient. Save yourself some time. 
It is however a great asset to be able to copy and paste the information on the … (5 comments)

203k consultant santa rosa: 203k nostalgia - investor program - Sacramento to Santa Rosa - 03/31/12 03:01 PM
203k nostalgia - investor program - Sacramento to Santa RosaDuring the 1990's there was an investor loan program that had what they called the "escrow commitment procedure" whereby the investor might purchase a property for $200,000, add another $200,000 in repairs, and if it appraised for $600,000 it would get an "escrow commitment" based on the "after improved" value of $600,000 x .965 or $579,000 would be placed in an escrow. 
The loan closes and the construction begins just like the owner occupied program. As the work progresses draw payments are paid out for work completed which is still verified by an … (5 comments)

203k consultant santa rosa: 203k loans in Santa Rosa to San Ramon - 11/02/11 02:00 AM
Another 203k in the can. It's a wrap. Nothing more pleasing than to see a job reach the end and be completed in a professional, workmanlike manner.

Hope you can see that Maple tree. It is beautiful. Note the walkway and the pond to the rear. What a wonderful setting to finish off the day enjoying your own cottage garden. 
We had one and I can't tell you what enjoyment we had watching the animals in the back yard as they go about their daily lives. We even had a family of Pheasants raised in ours.
This 203k was … (0 comments)

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