interest rates: Daily Market Report 7/31/20 - 07/31/20 10:26 AM Consumer Spending rose 5.6% in June; while Personal Income dropped 1.1% in June. The Fed's favorite index that gauges inflation Personal Consumption Expenditure(PCE) without the food and energy being added came in very tame in June, as it only rose 0.2% in Mom; however, it's YoY dropped from 1.0% to 0.9%. The last thing we want is inflation. The Employment Cost Index rose 0.5% in Q2. This is another inflationary data that the Fed likes to watch. This was fairly tame. Manufacturing in the Chicago area had good news, as the Chicago PMI came in at 51.9, which brought it … (0 comments)

interest rates: Daily Market Report 7/30/20 - 07/30/20 10:09 AM Initial Jobless Claims had another little spike again this week, which it increased from last week's number of 1.42 million people applying for unemployment benefits for first time to 1.43 million in this week's report. Also, we get an initial look at the GDP for Q2, which went into the record books (not in a good way) at -32.9%; and Q1's GDP was -5.0%. Stocks are mostly in the Red, but NASDAQ is the lone index in Positive Territory. Some of the big Tech Stocks will be releasing their Earnings Reports after the bell tonight, which may influence tomorrow's trading. … (0 comments)

interest rates: Daily Market Report 7/29/20 - 07/29/20 09:55 AM The Pending Home Sale Index rose 16.6% in June. Stocks are Up this morning before the FOMC finishes and Fed Chair Powell announces their decision at 11:30 am PST. They are not expected to change rates. Their Announcement may not have much impact with the Market today, as they pretty much said everything they wanted to say prior to the week before the FOMC. We're still getting Corporate Earnings Reports; and the Heads for the Big Tech Firms will be meeting before a House Committee today. MBS is Up 14bps, after closing up 30bps yesterday, which you should find better … (1 comments)

interest rates: Daily Market Report 7/28/20 - 07/28/20 09:38 AM The Case Shiller HPI showed a slowdown in National Home Prices in May, as it dropped from 4.6% YoY Appreciation in April to 4.5%. I'm confident this will rise, as we head into summer. Consumer Confidence dropped from 98.3 in June to 92.6 in July, as several states increase further lockdowns. Confidence in economy growing was still growing. Stocks are in Mixed Territory this morning, as the S&P was the lone index in Positive Territory, and it was barely above water. MBS is Up 16bps, which will lead Lenders to provide better pricing today. We're in the 103 range on … (0 comments)

interest rates: Daily Market Report 7/27/20 - 07/27/20 09:27 AM The Durable Goods Orders increased 7.3% in June, surpassing it's forecast of 6.5%. There will be other reports this week, which includes the first look at Q2 GDP; and the FOMC starts tomorrow, with their Announcement on Wednesday. Stocks are trading in Positive Territory, as many of the Big Tech Companies will release their Earnings Reports this week. We're still looking at tensions with China and increasing coronavirus infections. Some good news has the Republicans in agreement with each other on proposal for next Stimulus package, which will be brought to their counter-parts (Democrats) to negotiate. This could be a … (2 comments)

interest rates: Daily Market Report 7/24/20 - 07/24/20 10:17 AM Markit Manufacturing PMI moved into Expansion territory in July, as it went from 49.8 in June to 51.3. Markit Services PMI improved in July, as it's June number was 47.9 and jumped up to 49.6 in July. Anything below 50 is contraction territory and anything above it is expansion on these reports. New Home Sales jumped up dramatically in June, as it went from 682k annualized units in May to 776k in June. Stocks are Down this morning over concerns of the growing tensions between US and China; and the lack of development in next Stimulus/Recovery Bill from Congress. MBS … (0 comments)

interest rates: Daily Market Report 7/23/20 - 07/23/20 09:24 AM The Initial Jobless Claims for the first time since Feb/March, as last week's report was 1.31 million people applying for first time benefits to this week's report at 1.41 million. Leading Economic Indicators dropped from 3.2% in May to 2.0% in June. The rise in Jobless Claims spooked investors, as Stocks go into the Red this morning. They continue to look at Corporate Earnings Reports, but the next focus is the negotiations for the next round of Stimulus/Recovery package by Congress, as both Republicans and Democrats have a wide gap to bridge. This next round is expected to be more … (0 comments)

interest rates: Daily Market Report 7/22/20 - 07/22/20 09:53 AM The Existing Home Sales jumped Up from 3.91 million annualized units in May to 4.72 units in June. This is just over 20% MoM jump, which is the largest, according to NAR. Stocks are Up this morning on Corporate Earnings releases, despite tensions continuing to heat up between US and China, as the US ordered China to close their Houston Consulate. As expected, China is threatening retaliation. MBS is Up 5bps so far this morning, which isn't enough movement to improve Mortgage Rates, so they remain Unchanged. Yields have slid down to about 0.59%.
As I mentioned in the video, … (2 comments)

interest rates: Daily Market Report 7/21/20 - 07/21/20 07:57 AM There are no economic data to report today, so Stocks are taking their queues from Corporate Earning releases and Geo-Political News. This morning, Stocks are Up. The EU announced an $858 Billion plan that will provide Grants and Loans to countries whom need assistance during this time. This was well received in the Markets. The Fed Reserve has 2 new nominees being addressed before a Senate Committee today. MBS has started the day lower, but is currently Up 6 bps. Lenders will tend to keep their Mortgage Rates Unchanged from yesterday's pricing. Yields are currently sitting just under 0.61%.
As I … (0 comments)

interest rates: Daily Market Report 7/20/20 - 07/20/20 09:04 AM This will be a light week, this week, in terms of economic data being released. We have to data to report today, so the Markets are taking their queues from the news. Stocks are in Mixed Territory, as the DOW is the lone index in the Red. This week, we'll see Earnings Reports from the Technology Sector. Cases of Coronavirus continue to increase, as Gov'ts in both the US and EU reconvene this week to discuss the next phase of Stimulus/Recovery packages for their respective economies. The US Congress is facing mounting pressure as the $600/week Unemployment expires this week. … (1 comments)

interest rates: Daily Market Report 7/17/20 - 07/17/20 08:57 AM Housing Starts improved to 1.19 million annualized units in June; and Building Permits increased to 1.24 million annualized, as they begin to reach pre-covid levels. However, Consumer Sentiment dropped from 78.1 to 73.2 in July, as Covid cases rise and Government officials add more restrictions and closures. Stocks have been Up and Down already this morning. They started in Positive Territory early on, due to optimism for more Stimulus, as Europe passed their recent package. Then they turned negative on the Consumer Sentiment data. Now, it's mostly Mixed, as the DOW is the lone index in Negative Territory. MBS started … (0 comments)

interest rates: Daily Market Report 7/16/20 - 07/16/20 10:25 AM Initial Jobless Claims dropped down slightly to 1.30 million people applying for first time benefits. Retail Sales rose 7.5% in June; and when you exclude Autos, it rose 7.3%. Manufacturing in the Philadelphia Region continues with strong numbers, as the Philly Fed Index reports it dropping from 27.5 in June to 24.1 in July; however, it was higher than it's estimates of 18.1. Business Inventories dropped 2.3% in May. Stocks are Down this morning, as they receive Q2 Earnings Reports. China reported less favorable consumer data, which has investors a bit concerned; as well as the tensions building between them … (0 comments)

interest rates: Daily Market Report 7/15/20 - 07/15/20 08:05 AM Manufacturing in the NY region improved in July, as the Empire State Index indicated that it went from -0.2 in June to 17.2 in July. Industrial Production rose to 5.4% in June; and Capacity Utilization rose to 68.6%. Later today, we'll get a micro view of the US economy, as the Fed Beige Book will be released. Stocks started the day off in Positive Territory on news by Moderna and an Oxford Research (assisted by Astra Zaneca) regarding positive results for vaccinations. Also, up today are more Earnings Reports. President Trump signed a bipartisan bill with sanctions against China for … (1 comments)

interest rates: Daily Market Report 7/14/20 - 07/14/20 10:43 AM The NFIB Small Business Index, which measures the confidence among Small Businesses, rose to 100.6 in June. The Consumer Price Index rose to 0.6% in June, as it did on a YoY basis too. The Core CPI (exclusion of food and energy), rose 0.2% in June and it's YoY rose to 1.2%. Stocks are trading in Mixed Territory, as NASDAQ is lone index in the Red today. Some believe it may be correcting itself after a bit of a build up recently. However, we did kick off Q2 Earnings reports, which were disastrous for Banks yesterday. Part of the reversal … (0 comments)

interest rates: Daily Market Report 7/13/20 - 07/13/20 10:27 AM There are no economic data to report today. Stocks are Up this morning on the FDA fast-tracking Pfizer and BoNTech SE with their covid-19 vaccinations; despite the rising cases in the US and rising tesnions with China. MBS had a big reversal on Friday and closed Down 31bps; and this morning, it's Down 11bps. This has let to a few price changes by Lenders to worsen pricing. Yields have climbed their way back up a little bit and currently sit at just over 0.64%.
As I mentioned in the video, these views do not represent anybody else, but my own. … (1 comments)

interest rates: Daily Market Report 7/10/20 - 07/10/20 09:52 AM The Producer Price Index, which measures inflation on the Wholesale level, dropped 0.2% MoM; whereas, the Core PPI (excludes food and energy) dropped 0.3% MoM. The Core PPI's YoY dropped from 0.3% to 0.1%. Stocks are trading in Mixed Territory this morning, as NASDAQ seems to be taking a break after it's Tech Stocks been trending higher for awhile now. The Corona virus related news still tops the headlines. Gilead announced some good news with their research. On another topic in the news, is China announced they will impose their own sanctions on US after the US imposed sanctions on … (0 comments)

interest rates: Daily Market Report 7/9/20 - 07/09/20 09:35 AM Initial Jobless Claims continues with their downward trend (thankfully!), as this report came in at 1.31 million people applying for first time benefits. Last week's report came in at 1.41 million. It's a light day today, so not much news is affecting the Markets. Stocks are Down this morning, as Investors begin to realize a recovery won't happen fast enough, or a V-shaped recovery. MBS is taking for granted the Stocks recent struggles, as it's Up 14bps this morning, which will lead Lenders to price their Mortgage Rates even better. Yields have fallen further, to just under 0.63%. If you're … (0 comments)

interest rates: Daily Market Report 7/8/20 - 07/08/20 09:09 AM There were no data to report on the Economic Calendar today, but tomorrow will provide us with the Weekly Initial Jobless Claims. It will be interesting to see if we continue the downward trend. Stocks started the morning strong (led by Tech stocks), but has since pulled back, as the DOW and S&P dropped into the Red. Investors are watching the increase of corona virus cases rise and possibility of parts of economy closing again, so they're looking toward Congress for another possible stimulus package. Also, last night, Bloomberg reported the possibility that the President's top advisors are recommending him … (0 comments)

interest rates: Daily Market Report 7/7/20 - 07/07/20 09:17 AM Job Openings improved in May, as it rose from 5 million in April to 5.4 million in May. However, that wasn't quite enough to keep stocks in positive territory, as the DOW and S&P have slid into the Red. Currently, they're trading in Mixed territory. They were soured, as Investors listen to Fed Member (from Atlanta) Bostic state that the US economy appear to be "leveling off". The European Commission lowered it's economic forecast again. And the reality of rising infections of covid-19 cases, which is leading some areas back to closures, have begun to sink in that the US … (3 comments)

interest rates: Daily Market Report 7/6/20 - 07/06/20 10:29 AM We have some data from the Services Sector today. We'll start with the Markit Services PMI for the month of June, which rose from 46.7 to 47.9. It's counter-part, the ISM Non-manufacturing Index, which is also the "gold" standard for this data, rose from 45.4% to 57.1% in June. Anything above 50 is considered expansion. This bode well for the Markets today. Stocks are Up on optimism on continued growth of the economy, despite the rising covid infections. MBS is Up only 2bps, so Mortgage Rates hold steady and remain Unchanged in pricing. Yields have crept up, above the 50 … (1 comments)

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