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As a boy my interests were in sports, music and movies.   I had this rotating dream of being like Dan Fouts of the San Diego Chargers, Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and Harrison Ford from the Indiana Jones films.  How wonderful to be as wealthy and famous as these guys!  But did I ever play footba...
“You have the right to remain broke.  If you stop making your mortgage payment anything you say can and will be used against you by your lender to make you feel guilty, irresponsible, immoral, shameful and stupid.  You have the right to an attorney that may charge you outrageous fees to negotiate...
Fresh out of my very first real estate investment seminar in 2001 I went directly into the local print shop and had 50 ‘We Buy Houses’ signs made up.  Al Lowery, the instructor, promised that these signs would generate hundreds of calls from desperate, motivated homeowners.  Early one morning I p...
I worked in TV news for 15 years before I got into real estate.  I was commonly referred to as the “cameraman”, but I liked the title “photojournalist” much better.  Because I was behind the scenes the dress code wasn’t nearly as strict as it was for the on-air “talent”.  Many of my colleagues ch...
“They say money talks.  All mine ever says is goodbye.” – Red Skelton My father-in-law is and excellent negotiator.  He expects a deal wherever goods and services are exchanged.  This includes Best Buy, although I’m told they don’t negotiate prices.  From his Ford Expedition to the tux I wore at ...
Last week I played doctor.  This week it’s forensic pathologist.  Admittedly, I’m not very good at either one.  I let a real estate deal flat line and the cause of death remains unclear.    Fortunately, there is a lot that can be learned when you dissect a paper corpse.  The writers of CSI could ...

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