north dakota: Don't be swept off of your feet! - 01/27/13 06:51 AM
A home inspection of any home with a wood burning fixture, be it furnace, stove or fireplace should include a recommendation to have the chimney and flue inspected, and serviced or repaired if warranted, by a certified chimney sweep.
Yeah but... since it is a violation of our ethical standards to provide the service or repair ourselves or to recommend a specific provider (appearance of possible conflict of interest) how does our client know who to contact?
Our suggestion is to look to the national certifying agencies.  There are several with the best know being CSIA, Chimney Safety Institute of America, … (0 comments)

north dakota: How long before I have to do this again? - 11/14/11 02:47 PM
Replacing or upgrading the many components in our home is a costly enterprise and one recurring question is always, “How long before I have to do this again?”
 Frankly, the answer will always be a little fuzzy, even to home inspectors, since it is an average of those that fail right out of the box and those that appear to cling to life far beyond our most outlandish expectations. It also does not take into account the fact that older, simpler machines may be expected to survive longer than newer, more complex units do and that weather and usage may … (0 comments)

north dakota: "Let's be careful out there." Carbon Monoxide - Invisible Killer - 11/02/11 03:11 PM
Carbon Monoxide – Invisible Killer
Fall is well on us and the leaves are nearly gone. This is the time of year we try our best to seal out the colder weather by making our homes as air tight as we can. Storm windows go up, caulk installed and heating systems fired up for the first time in months.
 This year, if typical, will see about 170 Americans die from non-vehicle related carbon monoxide poisoning. The majority of these will from poorly maintained or improperly used heating appliances.  These are almost 100% preventable. Here is a check list to … (1 comments)

north dakota: A Home Inspector’s day off and a trip to Fargo's Yonker Farm - 10/09/11 02:30 PM
A Home Inspector’s day off
On a rare Saturday off I had the chance to take my family to Yunker Farm in north Fargo for a very nice Fall festival. My daughter loved the children’s museum and I would recommend the fun activities and hands-on learning to any parent looking for an affordable and educational outing.
While waiting for my wife and daughter to finish their mini-train ride around the grounds I found myself checking out the house the museum is located in. I couldn't help but notice the poor condition of the roof shingles. Many were missing and I could … (1 comments)

north dakota: Top 10 steps in preparing your cottage or cabin for that long cold winter sleep - 09/28/08 05:54 AM
The changing leaves signify fall is upon us and although it brings with it one of the most colorful of seasons it also signifies that the summer is past and it’s time to shut the summer place down. Here are a few of the important tasks to remember to protect your cottage or cabin and allow you a little peace of mind while away.
1) Cover the chimney flues to help prevent pests entering and setting up house keeping for the long winter’s night. Clean out any ashes in the stove or fireplace, not only to assure that all embers are … (0 comments)

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