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Elizabethtown, KY - Our firm has been in business for a little over two years now, and we have helped several businesses who have been in trouble with the IRS, Commonwealth of KY, and local taxing authorities for unpaid payroll taxes. It doesn't take long for the bill to add up when you fail to p...
Elizabethtown, KY - It is said that more heart attacks occur on Sunday evening than any other day, simply because people are dreading going back to work on Monday morning. I truly hope that is not the case with you,I have come to realize just how much I thoroughly love what I do. Working in Quick...
Elizabethtown, KY - QuickBooks software is the most popular small business accounting software on the market today. They have an approximate 80% of the market share. Software can be a great asset to have, but it can also be the biggest pain you have.  More than once, I have ran into small busines...
Elizabethtown, KY - I own and operate an accounting & tax firm. One of my greatest joys is successfully helping people who are under the burden of tax debt. I recently met with a client who was just saturated with stress and a sense of hopelessness. You could see and hear it in every word spoken,...
Elizabethtown, KY -  Owing payroll taxes is a BIG deal to the IRS because they call the money withheld from employees taxes "trust funds"  Your employees are "trusting" you to take the money you witheld from their paychecks and turn it over to the IRS and State governments accordingly. In additio...
Elizabethtown, KY - Whether someone is looking to obtain a loan for a new business or a new home, currently filed tax returns are a requirement.People can become non-filers for various reasons:1. Illness         2. Death of a family member        3. Destruction of records due to fire, flood, or o...
Eliabethtown, KY - Irony is such a funny thing.  I took a 2-hour continuing ed class this week on non-filers,  and this week a new client comes to me for help - guess why.....he's a non-filer.  He has NEVER filed a tax return (WOW!) and he's not a "spring chircken"!  The client decided that he wa...
I represent taxpayers in Elizabethtown and the rest of Kentucky who have found themselves in trouble with the IRS or State taxing authorities. Many clients that I work with are Clergy/Ministers and they have special tax issues that can make buying a home a little more detailed than the regular ho...

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