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Put down your mimosas, finish that last bit of your egg white omelet, and quickly down a bottle of Pellagrino because it is time to hit up this Sunday's open houses. Since last weekend was a holiday weekend and there were limited properties to see, I decided we should all have a weekend free of r...
Set a block away from the heart of the Melrose Fashion District, the Luminaire at 928 Croft definitely stands out from the crowd of condo and apartment buildings that line the street. A bit Miami, but very much LA, the Luminaire is another example of the new style of architecture that is slowly t...
I've been following The Gatsby's development over the last year.  I always drive past it on Wilcox on the way to various places in Hollywood and I have heard much buzz surrounding the project. Wilcox, which is about five blocks east of Highland and is what I would consider the "fringes of Hollywo...
Today's Hot Prop is one of the nicest one bedroom units I have seen for this price point in West Hollywood. Located on  the southern end of Kings, you are a short walk to Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, Dian Von Furstenberg as well as all the eateries and bars on La Cienega. The unit itself is me...
Today's entry is going to be a little different from my traditional posts about real estate and Hot Props. Don't worry this isn't going to be the norm, but if you're not in the mood for some inspirational cheese whiz than I would probably skip this one! I have had an interesting day today and I w...
Rise and shine, rich kids! It's time to down 3 Advil, drink a extra large bottle of Vitamin Water(I personally like the Revive Fruit Punch), and shake that hangover off for Open House Sunday! I have had an extremely busy week and have been a little lax over the last few days with updates. Today, ...
I had previewed the Lofts at Hollywood and Vine about a year ago for a friend who was looking to live the Hollywood loft experience for a year. Although his heart was set on the uber lux Broadway Lofts across the street (and where he ultimately ended up renting), the prices were a little less ext...
I am definitely a Westside type of boy. I like being close to the bz)each, having a good old fashioned Vons or Pavillions in close proximity (Vons makes the best generic Mac and Cheese ever, btw), and just enjoy overall life west of Crescent Heights. With Hollywood making a huge comeback with the...
One of my all time favorite shows is HBO's ‘Entourage' on Sunday nights! Not only is it hillarious, but I really do feel it gives you a glimpse into what living that type of jet set Hollywood lifestyle is like. Those of you familiar with the show know that the two scene stealer's are Jeremy Piven...
 It's been a while since I have blogged about my favorite financial guru of all times, Suze Orman. There is just something about her that really resonates with me.  Love her or hate her, she offers some pretty solid advice. My boyfriend (and father and many of my friends in the financial industry...

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