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When I saw that this property was hitting the market this past Tuesday, I was pretty excited. It's rare that you are going to find a done, move in ready 2br/2ba unit in the heart of the best part of West Hollywood for under $600,000, let alone under $500,000. What's the catch I thought? When I pr...
The last few weeks I have been on hiatus from The Twittering Tuesday Previews as I was holding open a listing I have been working on and wasn't able to caravan like I normally do. Don't worry, during this time I've still be scoping out the Hot Props and best deals - there just hasn't been a lot t...
In my Rich Kids Guide to Buying a Home, I take you through the step by step process of a home purchase and everything that entails. For those of you who are new to my blog or my website, I wanted to provide you with a quick guide as to what you need to do before you are even seriously ready to pu...
Since there is not much to report from the condo world today, I thought I would feature this slick piece of architecture as today's Hot Prop. I have a client interested in the residence, which allowed me the opportunity to tour this home this past Saturday. In the great words of Joey Lawrence fro...
If you've noticed a trend in my Hot Prop selections as of late, they have all been these higher priced new construction condo developments. The reason for this is that lately there has been very little inventory for under $600,000 that I think is well done and priced correctly - especially 2br/2b...
The Luminaire on 928 N Croft has been a featured Hot Prop of the Daywhen it first launched a few weeks back. Now that the buzz surrounding the project has started to hit full force, the activity level has increased significantly and offers are starting to come in on the various units. If you have...
I have noticed that there has been some confusion out there about how the whole making an offer on a property thing works. I believe I might have blogged about the buying process quite a while ago, but thought I would provide my readers with a bit of a refresher course. The good news is that sell...
When I meet people for the first time at an open house, they often inquire to see if I know of any good foreclosures or short sales. Since typically most of my buyers are looking for something slick that is move in ready, there is usually limited inventory in that genre of real estate. Every so o...
Happy Fourth of July! It's time for Coronas, wieners (and burgers), friends, and fireworks. One of my favorite holiday traditions is cruising up to Malibu for the fireworks display. Be warned, PCH is going to be a nightmare all day especially once you get past Moonshadows so plan accordingly. Her...
For you rich kids not familiar with the weekend movie screenings at the Hollywood Forever Cemetary by Cinespia, I'm about to fill you in on one of my favorite summer activities. Hollywood Forever is a cemetery located smack dab in the middle of Hollywood on Santa Monica Blvd and Gower. Although t...

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