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Dramatice Expansive View of Unit #1 - Best Value I try to keep an objective eye when I look at property, but I can't help but gush about this specific newdevelopment project that has been on the market for quite some time. A little known secret (or possibly a  widely known one depending on who y...
I  am excited to announce another new lease listing at The Rob Clark that I have just put on the market today! For those of you who read my blog regularly, I do a lot of leases in the building. Right now I've been advising my clients to lease vs. sell because of the current buyer's market we are ...
Aside from new construction, there have only been a handful of resale condos as of late that I have really fallen in love with. Most recently, my favorites are the ones that I have either listed or sold. It's not that I am biased, I am just lucky enough to have clients with amazing taste.  V, L, ...
If you have ever been to the Viceroy Hotel in either Santa Monica (the bar has become a bit of a cougar den, which is a gold mine for you rich kids who love mature ladies) or Palm Springs (more of a cou-gay den), than you will  absolutely get my reference when it comes to today's Hot Prop! The Vi...
Suze w/ Girlfriend - Weren't You Dying to See What Her Partner Looks Like? For all the rich kids out there who are avid readers of my blog, you know that I am obsessed with Suze Orman. Maybe it's her highlighted wedge cut, those oh so stylish "jackets" that she wears each week, or maybe it's the...
If you ask any real estate agent, they will tell you that you literally learn something new from every escrow that you close. In this case, I have learned about an amazing little pocket of properties just south of Wilshire and just east of Fairfax. I had driven through the area many times and tho...
For all you rich kids, bears, twinks, leather daddies, dominants, submissives, masc jock bros (I hate when people advertise themselves as such in their online profiles), otters, trannies on rollerskates, lesbian nuns, owls, and gals that love gays  - Cobalt is back!!!  Back in the  90's, Cobalt w...

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