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As with a lot of condos that I have been blogging about lately, Hancock Lofts was a former Hot Prop that I reviewed almost a year ago.  The lofts are a new construction project in the heart of the Boy's Town section of West Hollywood, on the corner of Hancock and Santa Monica Blvd. Unfortunately ...
Having had a sister who passed away when I was very young, I have a special place in my heart for organizations that work with sick children to help them live as normal a life as possible. Of those organizations, Locks of Love ( is one of my all time favorites. Locks of Love's...
I apologize for the shortage of posts over the last ten days. In the hopes of being able to better serve my rich kids who are bi coastal, I thought it important to learn a little about how real estate in Manhattan works. The goal is to find an amazing agent in the city who will be able to provide...
As the title says, today's Hot Prop went into escrow literally within the last 3 days with multiple back up offers. This is proof positive that when you price a well done property correctly, it will fly! The same scenario happened with another property I posted about a couple of weeks ago, 880 Hi...
I was sitting an open house last weekend at a property that I had sold a number of units in. With only 4 condos left, the remaining ones (while beautiful) were well north of one million dollars. It really all depends on what stage of life you are in as to what you would want to do if you had a mi...
This is like deja-blog week! All these great units that I loved in 2009 have popped up again, but priced even better than before! I had already written the entire blog post before I realized I had blogged about this same unit in October 2009. Have I really seen every condo on the market that I am...
In real estate, it seems that well priced/done resale condos (and homes for that matter) come in waves. We had hit a dry spell for a while, but this week there was a nice selection of inventory and I wrapped up caravan yesterday excited about all the great property that is now on the market. This...
While I was selling  The Luminaire at 928 North Croft, I had been watching the slow evolution of this development come to life from across the street. Behind the scaffolding, I wasn't sure what to expect as far as the exterior goes. As the facade began to present itself, I noticed that it's blue ...
There are so many stunning homes in The Bird Streets in West Hollywood that I know the majority  of my rich kids would love that I could blog exclusively about this neighborhood all day long and never get tired of it! Since I haven't showcased a home in this area for a while, I thought I would of...

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