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I am pleased to announce that we have just closed escrow on a spectacular unit at The Chateau Brittany (not Spears) in prime West Hollywood in an extraordinarily speedy two weeks! If you get my eblasts or are just a regular subscriber to my blog, you know that I am extremely client focused and ul...
To quote the Legendary Place website, "Finally someone has done it right" . I have to say I agree. Lately I've been a bit soured with the most recent new construction projects that have hit the market, so to me this project is a breath of fresh air. I've been following this development since it w...
When I said that I had been too busy to blog over the last month, I wasn't kidding! Buyer's have recognized what an incredible time it is to buy and are wisely taking advantage of the opportunities out there while the getting is good! As you will see below, Metropol is back up and running. After ...
Over the last six weeks, I feel like there has been a constant theme to my blog, which is that I always start out by apologizing for the recent lack of updates. Today is no different. As I get older, I am not a huge believer in excuses but I am just going to toss one out there anyway. The good ne...

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