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OK, to be technical it was actually 2 closings this week and 1 closing last week. To be fair though, 3 closings in one week makes for a much catchier headline don't you think? If you hear popping noises through your windows, those are bottles of Vueve being consumed in the canyons and streets of ...
For anybody who reads my blog on a regular basis, it's no secret that one of my all time favorite styles of home is a classic Spanish juxtaposed with an slick, modern interior. There have been many homes that have come close to making my fantasy a reality, but they never quite hit the mark. Like ...
Let's just toss all the propaganda aside for a moment and focus on one important thing - EQUALITY! Shouldn't everyone have equal rights regardless of whether you are gay, straight, bi, pansexual, white, black, purple, etc? At the end of the day we are all human and the inherent needs of all human...
Since listing and putting into escrow 8337 Kirkwood, I have been getting a lot of calls regarding the status of the property as well as if I know of anything similar to it. I am pleased to say that I have answers to both of these questions. My listing at 8337 Kirkwood has been a fairly lengthy, b...

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