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Park Wellington has always been a favorite building of mine for both investors and first time buyers alike. You can get a well priced unit in a full service building that includes: 24 hour security/front desk concierge, a huge swimming pool w/ cabanas and large spa, tennis court, and full fitness...
After making you sit through my mold lecture on Thursday, I promised you a little fantasy property action. There is actually a fairly amusing story to this listing. I was sitting with a friend of mine in the sauna at the gym (get your mind out of the gutter, it was nothing like that) and he had m...
Rich kids new to LA - when it rains here, it's not like your average run of the mill rain you get back east or in the Midwest. A week of substantial rain in Los Angeles is equal to a blizzard or other severe inclimate weather elsewhere. The city (and people for that matter) are simply not equippe...
It's pretty rare to find a home in LA that has been updated (or mostly updated), done well, and has a pool for under 1 million that is actually in an area that you'd want to live. When I saw this house hit the market, my first question was, "what's wrong with it." It turns out that a good friend ...
Since our price reduction in mid December, Metropol has really taken off. With seven units officially in escrow within a 3 week period and a few other units in negotiations, I think we have found the perfect pricing for an exceptional project. As I had mentioned in postings past, the ethos of Met...
Pool at Twilight Today's Hot Prop has a bit of sentimental value to it. When I was a young, naive agent years back, one of the first things I learned in old school real estate 101 class is something called "door knocking". Basically door knocking is just as horrific as it sounds; walking from ho...
9362 Nightingale - Highest Single Family Home Sale in The Hills It was once quoted by Mena Suvari (what ever happened to her) in ‘American Beauty' that "there is nothing worse than being average". I guess that all depends on what one's baseline for average is. In this case, let's talk about the ...
Since my discovery of the Edward Fickett architectural condominium arrangement perched above the Sunset Strip, I have been absolutely obsessed with this building. As I had detailed  in a recent post in December and not to sound like a broken record, there is just something very special about this...
I have another new lease listing that has just hit the market today! For those of you who read my blog regularly, I do a lot of leases at The Rob Clark. Right now I advise my clients to lease vs. sell as I don't think it's in the owner's best interest at this point unless they got a killer deal o...
Happy New Years, Rich Kids!!! In case you are interested, I had the most amazing time in London. I have a couple of British clients that I think the world of, so I couldn't wait to experience London for the first time. From start to finish, I could not have asked for a better trip! I did lots of ...

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