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I have great news.  We did a short sale for a client January 2008,  They just got approved to purchase a home yesterday.  We put them in are Fresh Start Program, they will now be buying a home similar to the one they owned for 40% less.  I am very happy for them for trusting our advice and not al...
I recommend you have your realtor show you, they have the experience to close short sales.  I have closed many and they all have different issues.  I have to be diligent when negotiating with these lenders.  I have seen other realtors not follow up.  The follow up is very important. Any questions...
We do loan modifications for people who dont want to negotiate with the lenders.  We dont charge any upfront fees.  We will get authorization from you and we will gather all information from you that the bank will require.  We will then negotiate on your behalf and give our best effort to get the...
The consumer has to be careful on paying upfront for loan modification representation.  I have done 5 loan modifications myself.  It takes time but I dont see why a client cant pay you after you provide a service to them.  It is not guaranteed and the bank tells you that upfront.  So consumers bu...
I want to congratulate Barack Obama.  Change is needed in America and he is the man to do it.  I am looking forward to our industry getting back on track and the real estate business becoming strong again. 
Consumers must take advantage of the bill signed by president Bush.  The government is helping by allowing FHA become available to all homeowners in need.
I believe we have turned the corner in our local market.  We are receiving multiple offers for som of our listings.  We have been constantly competing for properties with other offices.  Things are looking brighter.
I believe FHA loans are going to be the only way first time buyers are going to be able to own a home.  It is the best way for college grads going into the work force or the blue collar worker with a stable income to recieve benefits of homeownership.  There programs have 3% down payment and thei...
We at realty executives believe its all about you the agent.  We have a superior standard for agents to be the best real estate professionals in the business.  We expect the agents to give consumers the utmost attention and service imaginable.  We have a client for life program that is true to it...
 I have invested in real estate since the mid 1990's.  People seem to think the market is still going to drop.  Here is why I believe its pretty close to the bottom.  A lot of foreclosures have turned into bank owned properties.  These bank owned properties are receiving multiple offers.  The ban...


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