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Financial Education Services offers a wide variety of financial services designed to help consumers not only recover from a credit issues but also secure their financial future.



Perhaps more than ever one's personal credit and financial standing matter. The marketplace of the 21st century is largely credit-based. In order to succeed, that is to attain and maintain the necessities of life, one must have a solid credit and financial standing - a financial "identity" if you...
Today I did an interview with my dear friend Mr. Richard Garcia of Credit Card Rest In Peace (RIP). During the interview we discussed the difference in roles between a Loan Officer and a Mortgage Planning Specialist as well as proper use of different types of loan programs.To hear podcast of this...
The problem today in the credit repair industry is that you have a lot of companies promoting credit repair and the people that are acting as agents for these companies have no formal training in the credit repair industry or you have the "do it yourself credit repair companies" that offer you ve...
As you will see it is a very robust, proactive process that allows the customer to have complete access to there credit update information. This is a tremendous tool that keeps everyone up to date as to the status of the dispute process. VRTech Marketing Group and Third Eye, Inc. also follows up ...

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