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Financial Education Services offers a wide variety of financial services designed to help consumers not only recover from a credit issues but also secure their financial future.



For Sale By Owner in Jefferson City, MissouriI have added a page to my website for "for For Sale by Owner" properties. For a minimal fee (as required by RESPA law) I will place your listing on my site for submission to the search engines.I will also be adding "Tips to Help you Sell Your Home". If...
What if as a Real Estate Agent or a Loan Officer you added 2 or 3 new customers into this process each month that needed credit repair before they could be approved? What if you went thru your data base and called all of your sub prime customers and offered them this service so when they refinanc...
For the last several years in the booming housing market we have seen some very relaxed lending guidelines.Mortgage lenders over the past several months have began to tight lending guidelines across the board. In the purchase market place for sub prime borrowers with 580 credit scores it was easy...
For Immediate ReleaseDecember 18th, 2006Mark Bustamonte Interviewed Sue Griffin from Third Eye, Inc Credit RepairOn Sunday December 17th, 2006 I had the privilege of interviewing Sue Griffin, Director of Distributor Support for Third Eye, Inc. Credit Repair. Sue has been with Third Eye, Inc now f...

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