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Financial Education Services offers a wide variety of financial services designed to help consumers not only recover from a credit issues but also secure their financial future.



Two of the big three Experian and Equifax have decided that there billion dollar a year corporations need more profit margin. Starting in 2007 the Big Two (Experian and Equifax) have decided that charging once for a credit pull when a client applies for a home loan is not enough. The normal proce...
FYI - Just to be clear, these Interviews will be conducted via conference call, or you can set up an access code and be "live" on the air (internet) during the interview. You will also be able to send out invitations to your prospects letting them know what time you will be on the air and they ca...
I will be interviewing some of the real estate professionals across the country on my TalkShoe Internet program - Mortgage and Real Estate News. As part of the interview you will  advertise yourself. This is an excellent opportunity to get additional exposure.The shows are 30 min long. These inte...
Here is the most recent data from United Credit Education Services. The data here represents information that was deleted from existing clients credit reports that was information that fell into one of three categories, obsolete, inaccurate or unverifiable. The client will go thru 5 rounds of dis...
The lenders today have upped the ante on getting a home loan. Recent events on in the hosing market and on Wall Street, have caused the national lenders to take a hard look at there underwriting guild lines and whether or not there guild lines will satisfy there investors.A recent report by the C...
After many years of successful operation as Third Eye, Inc, in-order to better identify with the companies mission statement and with the launch of a new product: Credit Coach (due out in February) Third Eye, Inc has undergone a name change;United Credit Education Services (UCES)UCES will be prov...
The sub prime market place is continuing to tighten its lending guild-lines/requirements (whether published or not). In one particular case, Accredited Home Lenders recently denied a loan that met underwriting guild-lines but corp. underwriting and management stated "they did not like the loan".I...
Update on Agricultural Farm LoansMortgage Sources Corp. is licensed to make real estate loans to the agricultural community throughout the nation.  This includes commercial farms, ranches, horse operations, vineyards, and agricultural facilities. We have available the best terms and underwriting ...
Home Ownership Accelerator Loan TM Are you interested in paying off your home early?If you are interested in paying off your home in half the time but don't want a bi-monthly loan, pay additional money towards principle or a 15 year mortgage, then the Home Owner Accelerator Loan TM might be the l...
Mark Bustamonte internet talk show host with talk shoe and Third Eye, Inc Credit Repair Distributor, interviewed Anthony Stroman who holds a title of Sales Director for Third Eye, Inc Credit Repair. Anthony has been in the credit repair industry for 6 years now and was formerly in the banking ind...

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