credit: FES Partners with South Florida Real Estate Firm's - 04/09/13 04:04 AM
Financial Education Services (FES) is in the process of expanding in to the South Florida Market Place. With South Florida being a market that was devastated in the housing crisis there are a lot of people that are in need of a solution to help heal and take advantage of the current housing market.
The South Florida housing market had its strongest year in 2012 since the crash that started in 2006. In 2012 the market showed little slow progress of 1% increase in the real estate index every month. According to a keen article in the Miami Herald today by … (0 comments)

credit: Financial Education Services - FES Protection Plan - 03/22/10 02:22 AM
Financial Education Services officially launched the FES Protection Plan on March 20, 2010. The FES Protection Plan is a all encompassing approach to help consumers become educated on Credit, Debt and Personal Protection. Consumers enrolled in the FES Protection Plan will have access to Credit Coaches as well as Financial Coaches that will assist them on anything related to Credit, Debt, Estate Planning and Taxation.
Many consumers today are suffering due to the current economic conditions in this country. Financial Education Services believes that this is in part due to financial illiteracy. The very basic things that support financial success for Americans … (0 comments)

credit: United Credit Education Services – Dealing with Collection Companies Illegal Tactics - 02/14/07 08:22 AM
On our show today we discussed the Illegal tactics that collection company's employee when trying to collect a debt; everything from threatening to take your home to requiring you to pay the debt without proof of owing the debt.
We also discussed Identity Theft and how to prevent it from happening to you.
To hear the podcast for this show in its entirety click here; United Credit Education Services
For more information on dealing with collection companies or credit related issues contact;
Mark BustamonteCertified Credit ConsultantUnited Credit Education Services
866-840-2240 Toll Free

credit: Experian and Equifax Increase Cost of Credit Reports - 01/21/07 08:00 AM
Two of the big three Experian and Equifax have decided that there billion dollar a year corporations need more profit margin. Starting in 2007 the Big Two (Experian and Equifax) have decided that charging once for a credit pull when a client applies for a home loan is not enough.
The normal process for an applicant applying for a home loan was to have there credit pulled by the mortgage broker then the file would be submitted to for an approval with a national lender. The lender would than in many cases re-issue the credit on there end to verify the … (1 comments)

credit: Third Eye, Inc Credit Repair Interview - 01/09/07 10:38 AM
Mark Bustamonte internet talk show host with talk shoe and Third Eye, Inc Credit Repair Distributor, interviewed Anthony Stroman who holds a title of Sales Director for Third Eye, Inc Credit Repair. Anthony has been in the credit repair industry for 6 years now and was formerly in the banking indusrty.
Both Anthony and Mark discussed various topics pertaining to the Credit Repair Indusrty, Credit Education as well as the opportunity for new distrubtors in this high demand field of Credit Repair.
To listen to this interview go to Mortgage and Credit News
For more information on credit repair or how you can become a … (0 comments)

credit: Third Eye, Inc. Credit Repair Benefits - 12/21/06 06:48 AM
What if as a Real Estate Agent or a Loan Officer you added 2 or 3 new customers into this process each month that needed credit repair before they could be approved? What if you went thru your data base and called all of your sub prime customers and offered them this service so when they refinanced in 1 to 2 years you where able to put them into a better loan situation?
This past year my business partners and I did just that with clients that either needed the service to get approved for there home loan or clients that due … (2 comments)

credit: Mortgage Lenders Tighten Lending Guildlines - 12/19/06 03:34 PM
For the last several years in the booming housing market we have seen some very relaxed lending guidelines.Mortgage lenders over the past several months have began to tight lending guidelines across the board. In the purchase market place for sub prime borrowers with 580 credit scores it was easy to qualify for 100% financing. Most sub prime lenders today have raised there minimal requirement to 600 credit score or better, depending on the documentation type. Stated loans and 100% investor's loans have also seen an increase in required qualifying credit scores. There have also been mortgage lenders in the sub prime … (0 comments)

credit: Interview with Sue Griffin Director of Distributor Support for Third Eye, Inc Credit Repair - 12/18/06 10:20 AM
For Immediate Release
December 18th, 2006
Mark Bustamonte Interviewed Sue Griffin from Third Eye, Inc Credit Repair
On Sunday December 17th, 2006 I had the privilege of interviewing Sue Griffin, Director of Distributor Support for Third Eye, Inc. Credit Repair. Sue has been with Third Eye, Inc now for 3 years and is an intricate part of the processing of clients paperwork and supporting documentation. Sue is also in charge of supporting the distributor base of nationwide representatives that work with clients all over the country.
In this interview, Sue discusses the credit repair process from start to finish." It is vitally important for the … (0 comments)

credit: VR-Tech Marketing Group and Third Eye, Inc Customer Education Program - 11/22/06 09:43 AM
Perhaps more than ever one's personal credit and financial standing matter. The marketplace of the 21st century is largely credit-based. In order to succeed, that is to attain and maintain the necessities of life, one must have a solid credit and financial standing - a financial "identity" if you will. The Financial Way of Thinking is a practical guide for today's consumer. Its intention is to de-mystify the often shadowy and intimidating business of personal credit and finance and, more importantly, help consumers to achieve and maintain a sound financial standing upon which to build a better life. The Financial Way … (1 comments)

credit: Credit Repair Companies - 11/04/06 11:35 AM
The problem today in the credit repair industry is that you have a lot of companies promoting credit repair and the people that are acting as agents for these companies have no formal training in the credit repair industry or you have the "do it yourself credit repair companies" that offer you very little if any support is this complexe process
My background in Mortgage industry (7 years), seeing literally thousands of credit reports and being certified as a credit repair counselor for Central Michigan University and actually teaching a course to one of the largest unions in the country - … (2 comments)

credit: VRTech Marketing and Third Eye, Inc. - Credit Repair Process - 11/03/06 06:44 AM
As you will see it is a very robust, proactive process that allows the customer to have complete access to there credit update information. This is a tremendous tool that keeps everyone up to date as to the status of the dispute process. VRTech Marketing Group and Third Eye, Inc. also follows up with the client to make sure they are doing there part to make sure the credit repair process goes smoothly. In the last 7 years I have been in this industry, the biggest problem I have had is clients staying on top of there process and the not … (2 comments)

credit: When Paying off Old Debt is a Bad Idea - 10/24/06 03:18 AM
Sometimes in when trying to improve your credit paying off old debt is not a good idea.
I have had clients that have in preparing for a home loan start paying off old debt only to find out that there credit scores have dropped 50 to 100 points. Why is this?
Unfortunately when a collection or a charge off account is more than 2 years old (last date of report) and you in an honest effort to improve your credit score, pay these accounts off, it retriggers the reporting by the collection company and your scores will drop as a result. If you … (0 comments)

credit: Credit Repair Process - 10/23/06 03:47 PM
VRTech Marketing Group and Third Eye, Inc offer a state of the art process and customer service that is unbeatable!
Here is a PowerPoint presentation that outlines our process for credit restoration. (use back button on browser when done viewing to stay in this web blog)
We are currently looking for agents to provide this service.
Benefit to you as a Mortgage Lender or Real Estate Agent:
Now you can have the client enroll on your web site and they can monitor the process of there credit restoration 24/7 thru a secured login assigned to them at the time they enroll. The customer service department will … (0 comments)

credit: First Time Home Buyer Process - 10/20/06 07:32 PM
Initial Process;
The process for a first time home buyer is really a simple but complex process. The first thing a first time home buyer most do is seek out a lender that is experienced in working with first time home buyers that can carefully guild them thru the process.
first time home buyers that can carefully guild them thru the process. This should be done far enough in advance to make sure that all requirements can be met for the specific loan program to meet the first time home buyers needs. If all requirement can not be met then a detailed … (1 comments)

credit: Credit Repair - 10/18/06 05:59 PM
Millions of hard working Americans are haunted by poor credit ratings costing them literally hundreds of thousands of dollars, robbing there families of monies that could used to better the lives of there families.
Most people that have credit challenges just don’t know what to do about there credit score or feel that there is no way out and over time learn to live with there credit score situation and even become to accept the live style that poor credit affords them.
Many changes have been made to assist or help the consumers with there credit repair if they have credit issues, but … (1 comments)

credit: Working with First Time Home Buyers - 10/14/06 08:53 AM
The first time home buyer market place is probably the most critical market place for many reasons
First you have a client who for the most part does not understand anything with regard to buying a home. They have no understanding of the market place or any aspects of the loan process. Not only is it important to help them find a home or get approved for a loan, but as well, advise them in there decision with regard to location as it pertains to potential gain in equity as well as understanding the different types of loans that are available … (0 comments)

credit: Online Training Seminars - 09/03/06 03:55 AM
Starting September 13, 2006 we will start our first series of online training seminars. The first series will be on Credit and Credit Restoration. This class are being sponsered by First National Mortgage Sources, LLC and the Financial Freedom Society, Inc.
For access to the online training you will need to log into and download a small program that will allow you to communicate with the instructor via microphone or instant messenger.
There will be limited seating (room can only hold 5 people) so it is important that you pre register or simply send me an email to let me know you would … (2 comments)

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