credit repair process: Credit Repair - A Case For - 09/07/09 08:47 AM

Credit Repair is the process of restoring ones credit. The methods used to restore ones credit requires the application of several strategies. The first part involves the review of ones credit report for visible errors or mistakes, such as incorrect names listed on the reports, addresses that are incorrect, social security numbers or dates of birth that are incorrect, accounts that are listed incorrectly. These are just a few of the cursory checks that need to be made. The 2nd part of the process involves the disputing of any negative information that is on the report whether known to be … (0 comments)

credit repair process: Take Control Of Your Financial Future "Credit Restoration" - Free Webinar - 06/06/08 07:44 AM
VR Tech Marketing and United Credit Education Services is pleased to announce our free Credit Education/Credit Restoration Webinars for all interested in learning more about Credit and the FCRA and how you can improve your credit rating.
Take Control Of Your Financial Future "Credit Restoration" webinar schedule:

credit repair process: Credit Repair, the SILVER BULLET? - 11/14/07 03:41 PM
In recent weeks I have had to address the issue of what role the credit repair process plays in helping a person improve their credit rating.
The concept of utilizing credit repair to improve your credit rating is only one part of the puzzle and requires that the client understand that in most cases simply applying the credit repair strategy is not enough. A person must be willing to do other things to outside of the credit repair process to maximize the credit scores.
When you review a clients credit profile to see if they are a good candidate for the credit repair … (3 comments)

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