debt: Rebuilding Your Credit Score Requires Patience and Persistence - 11/07/11 12:36 PM
Do you find yourself suddenly in the process of try to figure out how to rebuilding your credit score? In communities all across the country people have either lost their homes in foreclosure or had to apply for a loan modification. Banks required home owners to be behind on their mortgage before they would even consider a loan modification so many opted to miss a payment or two in order to get the banks attention.
To make matters worse many people have lost their jobs. What used to be dual income families are now single income homes and with so many … (1 comments)

debt: Financial Education Services - FES Protection Plan - 03/22/10 02:22 AM
Financial Education Services officially launched the FES Protection Plan on March 20, 2010. The FES Protection Plan is a all encompassing approach to help consumers become educated on Credit, Debt and Personal Protection. Consumers enrolled in the FES Protection Plan will have access to Credit Coaches as well as Financial Coaches that will assist them on anything related to Credit, Debt, Estate Planning and Taxation.
Many consumers today are suffering due to the current economic conditions in this country. Financial Education Services believes that this is in part due to financial illiteracy. The very basic things that support financial success for Americans … (0 comments)

debt: Credit Repair, the SILVER BULLET? - 11/14/07 03:41 PM
In recent weeks I have had to address the issue of what role the credit repair process plays in helping a person improve their credit rating.
The concept of utilizing credit repair to improve your credit rating is only one part of the puzzle and requires that the client understand that in most cases simply applying the credit repair strategy is not enough. A person must be willing to do other things to outside of the credit repair process to maximize the credit scores.
When you review a clients credit profile to see if they are a good candidate for the credit repair … (3 comments)

debt: United Credit Education Services – Dealing with Collection Companies Illegal Tactics - 02/14/07 08:22 AM
On our show today we discussed the Illegal tactics that collection company's employee when trying to collect a debt; everything from threatening to take your home to requiring you to pay the debt without proof of owing the debt.
We also discussed Identity Theft and how to prevent it from happening to you.
To hear the podcast for this show in its entirety click here; United Credit Education Services
For more information on dealing with collection companies or credit related issues contact;
Mark BustamonteCertified Credit ConsultantUnited Credit Education Services
866-840-2240 Toll Free

debt: When Paying off Old Debt is a Bad Idea - 10/24/06 03:18 AM
Sometimes in when trying to improve your credit paying off old debt is not a good idea.
I have had clients that have in preparing for a home loan start paying off old debt only to find out that there credit scores have dropped 50 to 100 points. Why is this?
Unfortunately when a collection or a charge off account is more than 2 years old (last date of report) and you in an honest effort to improve your credit score, pay these accounts off, it retriggers the reporting by the collection company and your scores will drop as a result. If you … (0 comments)

debt: Online Training Seminars - 10/07/06 02:03 PM
I will be adding a series of on line presentations in the upcoming months pertaining to the following topics;
•Credit Scoring (available now at Credit Score Online Seminar)•Reducing Debt•Mortgage and Real Estate Taxation•Equity Management •Education Funding•Mortgage Planning•Economics and the Financial Markets•Real Estate Investment Strategies•Vacation Home Strategies
I will also be making these Free Seminars available on my private channel, Mortgage and Credit News at:
This private channel is spyware free and will not put any adware on your system. Just click on the link and you can subscribe to my private channel and receive updates immediately when they are posted.
This is an excellent … (0 comments)

debt: Equity Managment - 10/06/06 02:31 AM
One on the problems we hear about in the mortgage industry is how consumers are continually sucking equity out of there homes to pay off debt.  In 2005 the average credit card debt per house hold was around $10,000.00. I have been in the mortgage industry for 7 years now and have seen the cycle of consumers refinancing every couple of years to consolidate credit card debt. The problem I believe is lack of education.
I have found that if you spend the time to work with a client and provide them with the necessary information and show them how they … (3 comments)

debt: Mark A Bustamonte Earns Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist (CMPS) Designation - 09/19/06 05:38 AM
For further information:
Mark A Bustamonte, First National Mortgage Sources, LLC, 866-840-2240
Jefferson City, MO – Mark Bustamonte, a branch partner with First National Mortgage Sources, LLC Company, has passed the qualifying exams to earn the Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist (CMPS) Designation granted by the CMPS Institute, Ann Arbor, Michigan, a training and certifying organization created to help mortgage professionals integrate financial planning concepts into the mortgage process.  CMPS designees can offer clients strategies that encompass mortgages, debt, home equity and real estate investment.
“My focus is to help my mortgage clients build and protect wealth by better managing their home equity and … (0 comments)

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