fes protection plan: Expert Panel Discusses FES Protection Plan - 08/15/16 09:23 AM
I was digging through the archives and came across this video that was recorded in December on 2013. Information is still VERY relevant. 
On this panel:
Randy cochran ESD/Real Estate Investor Coach, Bret Ehlers RSD/ Real Estate Investor Coach,Kathryn Bradt RSD
Hope you enjoy!

fes protection plan: Fixing Your Credit - 04/04/16 11:46 AM
Fixing your credit is only the start.  The bigger issue is educating yourself on how credit works so that once you have fixed your credit you now know how to maintain and build your credit.  So when I say it’s not about just fixing your credit, it’s really about educating yourself for long term success.
Understanding that your credit score is going to have a major impact on so many areas of your life throughout your life is the first step.  Not just financially but as well emotionally. Let’s face it, people that have great credit scores are more confident people.  They … (2 comments)

fes protection plan: Financial Education Services - FES Protection Plan - 03/22/10 02:22 AM
Financial Education Services officially launched the FES Protection Plan on March 20, 2010. The FES Protection Plan is a all encompassing approach to help consumers become educated on Credit, Debt and Personal Protection. Consumers enrolled in the FES Protection Plan will have access to Credit Coaches as well as Financial Coaches that will assist them on anything related to Credit, Debt, Estate Planning and Taxation.
Many consumers today are suffering due to the current economic conditions in this country. Financial Education Services believes that this is in part due to financial illiteracy. The very basic things that support financial success for Americans … (0 comments)

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