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The snow was almost melted away the day these photos were taken in the Wonderful Woodcrest Subdivision In Owensboro, Kentucky.  Earlier I had posted some photos of a "snowy" day here.   This is a street view of the subdivision.  On any given day, many neighbors are out walking and enjoying the vi...
Did you know that Owensboro, Kentucky is the home of the world's largest Sassafras Tree?  Well, it is.  This natural wonder is almost 300 years old and it measures over 100 feet tall with over 21 feet in circumference. It is one of the first things we came to find during our relocation and home s...
I was just wondering if any Realtors in the rain are doing video house tours in their real estate offices versus doing real house tours?  In Owensboro,Kentucky we do Realtor house tours every Tuesday morning.  We simply get as many as possible into a few cars and go and preview new listings in th...
Come On...  RN's ~ aka "Realtor Nuts"  Where are the nurses?  Well I tried earlier to get the nurses to stand up and be counted that are here in active rain.  I just wanted to try again and make a call to try to find the nurses..  I know there HAS to be more of us out there somewhere. I have only...
No.  I am not talking about my loan to value ratio.  I am talking about my new found love for my laptop and active rain -instead of TV. (not that I ever "loved" TV)  I told my husband the other day, "my laptop is my new TV."  (for short, my laptop TV or "LTV" ) He enjoys his flat-screen TV.  I ha...
This is an overwhelmingly sad day for me.  A very,very sad day.   I have just found out that my younger brother,Michael, is in the end stages of a terminal disease.  I am a tough person and a survivor, but this is a little too much for me to handle.  Does it get easier?  Will it get easier? I kno...
This was in my email today, and it was a VERY SPECIAL delivery....and I HAD to share this with you---and you will see why below--  Aren't these magnificent?  Don't they LOOK REAL to you?  Is that talent,or what? I have no idea WHO actually made them because it was in my email from one of my frien...
I got my hair and make up done just in time for the Easter weekend.  Now I just need to go out and get my Easter Bonnet and outfit .  Do you think I should go ahead and go out shopping in Owensboro,KY and get a pink outfit so it all matches?  On a serious note, I just wanted to wish everyone a Ha...
Is there a law against that too?  Well, I am not the driver, but I am riding in the car driving with my husband on a visit to my old real estate office in Brownsville,TN  to go and check on it and see if we can't get it sold. We are also going to pick up over five hundred trees to plant on our fa...
UPDATE~ I thought I would share this from PAUL HARVEY................This was actually sent to me in my email from a friend and I just wanted to share it with my friends in the rain to see if any of you could relate to this or if any of you have grown up in the country and maybe missed it.  I thi...

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