ky: Free Prescriptions for one month offered by the Health Department in Owensboro, KY* - 09/14/10 02:32 PM
Maybe you qualify for free Rx's for one month that is being offered by The Health Department in Owensboro, KY?
I think it is great that RX assistance is being offered in our local community for the month of September,2010!
Hopefully this Owensboro local information will come in handy for YOU!
Call this number with questions and to qualify 270-852-2904.
          * I am told there are some restrictions that apply*    
For example:
*It ends this month, the end of September, 2010
*You have to be uninsured.  
*There are certain income limitations as well.  
*For … (30 comments)

ky: Looking for Green Acres or a Mini Farm? Then 910 Chestnut Grove N. Maceo, KY 42355 is the one for YOU! - 09/18/09 04:34 AM
UPDATE: OFF Market! Just REDUCED TO $176,000!! … (17 comments)

ky: Unusual Skies in Owensboro, Kentucky - 12/30/08 01:18 PM
 I snapped these photos while driving on Christmas eve in Owensboro, Kentucky
Well, I actually just clicked them through my front windshield, so they may not be the best quality. 
The sky color was so unusual and I had to try to capture it rather quickly since cars were whizzing by so quickly! You would think they were in a hurry because Santa was coming.....

You really had to be there to experience the unusual hues of purple, pink, blue and yellow skies!
Wishing you many sunny Skies in 2009!

Vickie McCartney, Realtor~ Home Realty GMAC Real Estate~ Owensboro, Kentucky
Owensboro, Kentucky … (21 comments)

ky: ActiveRain Sponsored ADs? - 05/13/08 12:04 PM
 Is ActiveRain sponsoring ads on our contact email's now?
I have noticed on a few of my contact emails today  (I haven't noticed it before, but it could have been happening and I just missed it) from activerain members that there are activeRain Sponsored Ad's appearing... here is an exact copy/example of what I am talking about.
 Is this happening on everyone's emails now?  Or am I just noticing it and it has been happening?? 
It starts like this......................................Here is an EXACT COPY with some words of the email xxx out to protect the innocent...... 
"You've received a contact message from your … (14 comments)

ky: If states will soon be regulating WHO gets mail, where will it all end?? - 05/13/08 03:04 AM
Earlier I wrote about the Do Not Mail List possibly coming into effect, with some states pushing harder than others
This is how the Do Not Call List got started, it slowly but surely came into effect.  Yes, I did put my home phone and my cell phone on the Do Not Call List because the calls got out of hand and ridiculous. 
Yes, I do open my mail over the trash can and throw away all junk mail on the spot, but does that mean that I want it to become a law that only certain people can mail letters … (62 comments)

ky: Join me in Welcoming Katrina-Ricke-Jones to Activerain - 05/08/08 03:34 PM
Please everyone please join me in welcoming my good friend and colleague Katrina Ricke-Jones to the Rain!

Katrina and I work together at Home Realty GMAC in Owensboro,KY and we hit it off immediately and have become friends almost instantly.

She has bent over backwards to make me feel comfortable in a brand new town and at my new position. 
She has a very friendly and inviting personality and makes me laugh just about every day.  She is a very hard worker and aims to please her clients and always goes the extra mile to get the job done. She … (30 comments)

ky: "Hands on" Training in the Rain~ in Dyersburg,TN - 05/07/08 06:22 AM
I traveled 4 hours just to be able to learn with Brad Andersohn from Activerain and be the best I can be as a real estate blogging professional and best serve my clients and consumers that my need my services. 
As I sit here in front of my laptop computer as you can see with 13 other Realtors learning together about the blogging experience and how we can be better.  I plan to be a much better real estate blogger for the Owensboro,Ky area and I am looking forward to meeting YOU! 
Vickie McCartney,Realtor,Home Realty GMAC~Owensboro,Kentucky

ky: My sweet new grandson is here! You've got to see him! - 05/03/08 05:16 PM
I wrote a post earlier about how excited I was about my new grandson coming in May. 
 Here is one of the photos I took  symbolizing the miracle of his birth.
Well, since he was going to be a big one, the Doctor decided to induce my daughter-in-law 2 weeks early.  I am so excited to announce that I had the pleasure of being in the delivery room  with my daughter-in-law, my son and her mom for the grand entrance of this beautiful baby boy that weighed 9lbs. 11 ozs.. 
Not only did I have the privilege of being in the delivery room, helping … (19 comments)

ky: Owensboro, Kentucky's 2008 Summer Events of Interest - 04/12/08 11:05 AM
Owensboro, Kentucky's ~2008 Summer Events of Interest~ Don't miss out!
Make it a point to mark your calendar ahead of time so you don't miss the fun filled events being offered in Owensboro,Kentucky  
7th Annual Bluegrass Returns to its RootsApril 10 & 12, 2008 International Bar-B-Q FestivalMay 9 & 10, 2008 Friday After 5May 23-August 29, 2008 Sunset SeriesMay 23-August 29, 2008 Yellowbanks Dulcimer FestivalJune 6-June 8, 2008 International Mystery Writers FestivalJune 12-June 22, 2008 River of Music Festival (ROMP)June 26-June 28, 2008 Family Freedom Fireworks FestivalJuly 3, 2008 Celebration of the American SpiritJuly 4, 2008 Daviess Co. Lions Club FairJuly … (2 comments)

ky: Why Generation "Y" ? - 04/02/08 11:47 AM
I just had to share a copy of this and pass it on, as it was in my email from a fellow collegue and I thought it explained the different generations by age group that we have to learn and know how to best sell to each generation.  Selling is different depending on the generation you are trying to sell to! 
 Apparently a caricaturist from Quebec City newspaper, Le Soleil,figured it out to a "T" or should I say to a"Y"-- read on and you figure out the "Y" at the end...LOL
It may make a little more sense will give … (3 comments)

ky: BUYERS: get pre-qualified/qualified first.... - 04/02/08 07:27 AM
I have had many potential buyers ask me, "Why should I get qualified or pre-approved for a loan before I even find a home?"  They may further state, when I bought my first home, my agent "never even suggested that. She just took me in her car and we drove me all around and the when I found something I liked, I applied for my home loan."  Yes, I do ask certain pre-qualifying questions first. Depending on the answers, and the amount of house payment desired,  determines if I should show them homes right now.  For example,  If a buyer doesn't have any money, has a low credit … (5 comments)

ky: I want my LTV.... - 03/23/08 11:59 AM
No.  I am not talking about my loan to value ratio.  I am talking about my new found love for my laptop and active rain -instead of TV. (not that I ever "loved" TV)
 I told my husband the other day, "my laptop is my new TV."  (for short, my laptop TV or "LTV" ) He enjoys his flat-screen TV.  I have never really been a fan of TV.  Let me clarify what I mean.  Maybe you can identify with me.  When my husband watches television with that remote control thing attached to his hand as he surfs the channels constantly, he doesn't usually hear … (16 comments)

ky: Why Am I seeing "green" ...... - 03/15/08 10:55 AM
 When I moved to Kentucky, I thought I would be seeing "blue"  But -WOW-I am seeing"green" Just LOOK, my hair and lips have turned "GREEN"...............Just in time for St. Patrick's day....It must be the luck of the Irish and something to do with St. Patrick's Day~ Hope you all have a wonderful week and make lots of "green".......(OH NO,  What's gonna happen to me for  easter..........Pink, purple??? yellow??)
Vickie McCartney,Realtor Home Realty GMAC~ Owensboro, Kentucky

ky: What a deal on this Executive sized Home on the golf course overlooking Lake in Owensboro KY - 03/12/08 04:03 AM
Update:   Sorry! It is TOO Late!  This one got  away! It  SOLD!!
 Call Me now to view this Spacious home on the #8 Fairway overlooking a beautiful Lake in the Estate Section Of the Summit in Owensboro, KY  You will be glad you did! It's the best deal in town considering  it's size and location! Just picture yourself HERE!  Relax on the deck and golf right in your own back yard......Call me  270-315-5354 or email me and I can send more photos, it even has a full finished basement!

FeaturesConstruction: Brick VeneerFoundation: BasementBasement: Full-Partially Finished, WalkoutRoof: AsphaltFloors: Carpet, Hardwood, Tile, VinylYear … (0 comments)

ky: Don't Sleep In Sunday morning.... - 03/08/08 01:48 PM

You might be late  tomorrow since you lose an hour tonight!
Don't forget to turn your clocks ahead an hour tonight.  Phooey!  We won't get an extra hour of sleep tonight.  I don't know about you, but I love sleeping in my bed in my warm, comfortable home in Owensboro,KY.  As a matter of fact, my husband and I argue over who likes the bed more.  Of course I do!
Vickie McCartney, Realtor Home Realty GMAC~ Owensboro, Kentucky

ky: Woodcrest Subdivision Owensboro Kentucky - 03/08/08 06:20 AM
Oh!  Look at the little "Snowbabies" their own back yard in the snow.  Well, they are not actually snow babies, but they are in the snow -They are so snuggly and they are "best friends" and they live for and totally trust each other too.  They are with each other every step of the way. They are simply enjoying each other in the snow. Don't they just have the life? Did you get a chance to get out and play in your own neighborhood and frolic in the snow?
These two furry friends are named Jillie, she is the Golden Retriever, and Bela is the yellow lab. They … (3 comments)

ky: Mutton Anyone? Try Moonlite Cafe in Owensboro Kentucky! - 03/06/08 09:51 AM
  Well let me first begin with this: this is all new to me too. 
 When I first came to Owensboro,KYso many people here and from other places asked me if "I tried the mutton yet."  Well, being the city girl that I am, I had no idea what they were talking about, and once I figured out what it was, I wanted no parts of it.  
I thought WHY would I even want to eat it?  It just didn't sound appealing. I thought, Just shoot me!! But, then I got to thinking, maybe I should just have an open mind and with a little coercion from … (1 comments)

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