owensboro ky: Happy as a Lark at Yellow Creek Park in Owensboro, KY! - 01/28/11 09:34 AM
Life is Lark at Yellow Creek Park~ located in Daviess County, Owensboro, Ky. 
It is located at 5710 Hwy 144 in Thruston, Ky. 
They have Winter and Summer hours.
  The Winter Hours are as follows: 
Nov.1st through March 31st
 8 am- 5 pm 
The Summer Hours are as follows:
8 am-11:00 pm
April 1st through Oct. 31st
You would be in awe of the numerous activities available!
A few of the Outdoor Fun and Activities include:
Baseball, Softball, Disk golf, Hiking, Walking,
Running, Jogging, Rollerblading, Bike riding,
Jogging, Picnicking and so much more!
You can even call to rent the shelter or even … (39 comments)

owensboro ky: This Owensboro, KY girl welcomes any and all blog comments, long or short! - 07/11/10 10:03 AM
Yes, this Owensboro KY girl welcomes and appreciates any and all blog comments, long or short, on my post.  It makes me happy just knowing someone noticed!        
I don't care how many or how little the amount of words you write, but I just appreciate the fact that you wrote! 
There are so many blogs posted in here that it is a miracle in itself that they actually read what I wrote!
So a great big THANK YOU goes out to each and everyone of you that have read and commented on any of my posts!  You know who you … (22 comments)

owensboro ky: Help! How do I put a listing on Yahoo? - 05/30/08 12:42 PM
Is there anyone out there that can help me, please?? 
I am trying to figure out HOW and WHERE do you put a listing on Yahoo?
I have signed up and completed all the items needed to get an account.
I have searched and there are listings on Yahoo for Owensboro,KY, but there are none for Philpot,KY which is where my new listing (8450 Knottsville-Mt. Zion Rd.,Philpot KY 42366 ) is actually located.
But, I can NOT for the life of me figure out WHERE or HOW to put the listing information on yahoo.
I am trying to do the best possible … (13 comments)

owensboro ky: Please Join Me In Welcoming Pat Sturgeon To The Rain! - 05/28/08 02:55 PM
Everyone Please Join Me In Welcoming My Friend and Colleague Pat Sturgeon To The Rain. 
We work at the same office of Home Realty-GMAC in Owensboro,KY   (yes, I am encouraging our whole office to join and become active in the rain) and have been discussing how she should join us in the rain for weeks, maybe months, and she actually took the plunge last Friday, but the servers were down ( I guess I wasn't paying attention, but I missed the post that the rain was down temporarily to make the rain even better for all of us)  much to our dismay :(  
But we got … (40 comments)

owensboro ky: TOO late! SOLD! Home for Horse Lover's in Owensboro,KY area~ HAS BEEN SOLD! - 05/08/08 02:29 PM

**Attention all Horse Lovers** If you are looking for a home  in Owensboro,Kentucky area where your horses will be just as happy as you- Then this would be the home, it is located at 8450 Knottsville-Mt.Zion Rd in Knottsville area of Davis County. 
Yes, this is the listing you have been waiting for and Yes, this is the listing I blogged about a few days ago that I was working on and I posted a picture with a beautiful horse near a dogwood tree.....
Mr. Ed would agree for sure!  He could pick from 4 of the horse stalls located in the … (0 comments)

owensboro ky: House Hunting is Murder..? - 04/15/08 07:45 AM
Hey Everyone!
I just wanted to introduce you to my friend and colleague, Dorothy Taillon. We work together at Home Realty Gmac RealEstate in Owensboro, Ky. Not only is she a Realtor she is an Author and this the first book in her Murder Mystery series featuring the character, Abigail Turner (A teacher turned Real Estate Agent!).
I would love to be able to write something I am getting paid to write!! Here's the short description from the back of the book...

 "Abigail Turner's new career in real estate takes a horrific turn when a client is murdered and … (2 comments)

owensboro ky: A Natural Wonder In Owensboro,KY - 03/27/08 11:40 AM
Did you know that Owensboro, Kentucky is the home of the world's largest Sassafras Tree?  Well, it is.  This natural wonder is almost 300 years old and it measures over 100 feet tall with over 21 feet in circumference. It is one of the first things we came to find during our relocation and home search. 
It was very interesting especially  for my husband and son, as my son is an Arborist and together they have planted over 1000 trees just this year. This natural wonder right in the heart of Owensboro, Ky is located on Fredericka Street which is one of the busiest … (1 comments)

owensboro ky: I want my LTV.... - 03/23/08 11:59 AM
No.  I am not talking about my loan to value ratio.  I am talking about my new found love for my laptop and active rain -instead of TV. (not that I ever "loved" TV)
 I told my husband the other day, "my laptop is my new TV."  (for short, my laptop TV or "LTV" ) He enjoys his flat-screen TV.  I have never really been a fan of TV.  Let me clarify what I mean.  Maybe you can identify with me.  When my husband watches television with that remote control thing attached to his hand as he surfs the channels constantly, he doesn't usually hear … (16 comments)

owensboro ky: Happy Easter! - 03/21/08 07:06 PM
I got my hair and make up done just in time for the Easter weekend.  Now I just need to go out and get my Easter Bonnet and outfit .  Do you think I should go ahead and go out shopping in Owensboro,KY and get a pink outfit so it all matches? 
On a serious note, I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy and blessed Easter and I hope that you all get to spend time with your families and have lots of fun. 
Vickie McCartney,Realtor Home Realty GMAC~ Owensboro, Kentucky

owensboro ky: Blogging While Driving... - 03/19/08 02:18 AM
Is there a law against that too?  Well, I am not the driver, but I am riding in the car driving with my husband on a visit to my old real estate office in Brownsville,TN  to go and check on it and see if we can't get it sold. We are also going to pick up over five hundred trees to plant on our farm  that we just purchased in Hawesville, KY.  I am sitting here on my tablet pc on the interstate using my air card and surfing the net, reading posts on active rain while it is pouring rain outside.  I … (17 comments)

owensboro ky: Listerine....... and mosquitoes - 03/13/08 08:30 AM
 This was in my email from one of my friends, and it could be helpful to you IF mosquitoes  LOVE you too.......
"The best way of getting rid of mosquitoes is Listerine, the original medicinal type. The Dollar Store-type works, too. I was at a deck party awhile back, and the bugs were having a ball biting everyone. A man at the party sprayedthe lawn and deck floor with Listerine, and the little demons disappeared. The next year I filled a 4-ounce spray bottle and used it around my seat whenever I saw mosquitoes. And voila! That worked as well. It worked at … (7 comments)

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